Leave Your Bathing Suit On All Summer With These Styling Tips

Whether it’s a one piece (which is so on-trend right now) or a bikini, wearing white is the way to go for that ultimate summertime feeling. Because the color white is such a stark comparison to sun bathed skin, a white swimsuit is the ultimate accessory for showing off your tan. Make wearing your white suit even easier all summer long with these 6 styling tips!

And if you could leave your swimwear on basically all of the time, wouldn’t you? I know I would! That’s why I’m going to show you six ways that you can style your suit whether you’re heading to the water or not. Hey, it’s the summer, and you never know when you might hit up the pool or the beach, right?

Whether you’re going out for dinner after a day in the sand, doing some shopping before you go to the pool or whatever the case—pairing your swimsuit with these items will make sure you’re fit for whatever occasion. Plus, wearing a bathing suit 24/7 is just the ultimate in care-free living, if you ask me, and there’s no other vibe I want during the summer season.

Be free and wear nothing but your swimsuit and a few key items to top off your look. You’re bound to have your entire summer wardrobe taken care of with these layering techniques!


Abstract Watercolor Floral Jacket, $22.90, Forever 21

Throw this on to give you a little more coverage for your walk to the beach. Need to make a pit stop for some fresh pineapple or something at the store on your way? No worries. You’re totally dressed appropriately for that, too! Ahhh, that sounds like the life!


Go West Distressed Shorts, $48.30, Nasty Gal

Pair your white one piece with a pair of denim cut-offs, and no one will even know you’re wearing a swimsuit. You’ll have classic summer style nailed with a white t-shirt and blue jeans kind of look going on, but you’ll be ready for a swim at a moment’s notice. It just doesn’t get better than that.


Fleur Crochet Dress, $140, Nasty Gal

Got a fancy evening planned after a full day laying out on the shore? No worries. Slip a crochet dress on over your suit and go! You’ll look super put together with very little effort. Sounds like the way to go!

Maxi Skirt

Mini Skirt With Maxi Fringing, $38.06, ASOS Curve

Pairing a bikini top or one piece with a maxi skirt will elevate your look just enough to do whatever else you have planned for the day.


Crochet-Front Open-Back Jumpsuit, $49.99, Urban Outfitters

Wearing a suit underneath a jumpsuit that might be a little see-through, like this one, will keep you from ever actually having to put a bra on, but will still keep you covered. Genius, right?


Oh Valencia Caftan, $128, Free People

And last but not least, the classic thing to throw over a bathing suit—a cover up. But not just any old cover up, get one that’s super cute and has a lot of movement like the one featured here. It covers your suit, but looks so great that you could really wear it anywhere. It’s the best of both worlds!

Ok, ladies, add these pieces to your closet, stat! And don’t take your white suit off or actually get dressed for the rest of the summer! Who’s with me?