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These 6 Women All Showed Up To A Wedding Wearing The Same Dress (And They’re Not Bridesmaids)

That is one popular dress!

For some women, showing up to a social event in the same dress as another guest is a nightmare scenario.

So can you imagine getting dressed up for an evening out, only to discover five other women wearing the exact same thing?! Well, that’s exactly what happened when these six wedding guests showed up in the same dress—and it was a complete coincidence. One that we imagine will not be forgotten any time soon!

Instead of running home to change, these women embraced each other’s good taste and laughed it off. They were snapped posing with the bride in an epic photograph that has gone viral online—because hey, what can they say? Great minds think alike.

The Facebook post shows all six wedding guests smiling with the Australian bride in their matching lace dresses.

The post had racked up nearly 30,000 likes and 11,000 comments at the time of publication. Most people online are laughing right along with these women, and it’s even inspiring others to give the matching thing a try!

“Do we need to coordinate what we wear to Briee’s wedding,” one Facebook user asked of a friend. Hey—you never know—this could become the next big trend in wedding guest attire.

Forever New

The dress came from a popular affordable Australian brand called Forever New. Here’s a side view.

Forever New

And a view from the back:

Forever New

Unfortunately, however, the brand does not ship to the United States. So, if you were hoping to join the club and jump on the navy lace dress bandwagon, you’ll have to find a similar frock elsewhere.

As you might have guessed, however, this style is extremely popular at the moment, so it won’t be too tricky to locate a similar version. For example, Macy’s happens to carry a Vince Camuto sheath dress that’s nearly identical and retailing for just $103.60 with the promo code VIP.


The only thing you have to be aware of when you shop this popular style is that you may bump into another woman wearing the same dress. Can you live with that? For a style this flattering—we’re willing to bet you can! If these six women could make it work, well, you can, too!

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And in case you were wondering what this lovely bride’s bridesmaids actually wore? According to the groom’s Facebook page, the bridesmaids wore lovely light-brown matching dresses (no navy lace here!).