Mom-To-Be Wants You To Stop Making Comments About All-Girl Families

We've all heard these thoughtless comments.

A mom expecting her seventh child (wow!) decided she had enough with people’s so-called innocent comments about all-girl families. Back on Sept. 19, Jessica Martin-Weber posted pictures from a family photo shoot to reveal the new baby’s gender. With six daughters already in the family, Weber and her husband Jeremy couldn’t wait to make the special announcement. They decided to get all of their kids involved in the reveal and make a statement.

How cool is that? The family fully embraced their abundance of x chromosomes and wanted to share it with the world. Seem a little strange to focus on chromosomes? Well, Jessica shared how her family had been dealing with hearing insensitive comments about having “another girl.”

We decided to share our chromosomes including Lucky’s because we have reached a point of burn out on people making insensitive comments about our family “needing a boy.” Though we know people mean well and aren’t intentionally being insensitive, our children in particular (6 girls) are worn out, frustrated, and hurt by the constant pressure that somehow we must be disappointed to not have a child with a penis in the family. From our youngest (5yo) to our eldest (18yo) these conversations are overshadowing the enthusiasm of a new person joining our family and we’ve decided to do the reveal now to give us a few weeks to focus on the coming birth and to get a break from this particular issue.

What drove this family to post this plea? Martin-Weber shared some of the comments they’ve heard with the Huffington Post, including:

  • “Your poor dad, all those girls.”
  • “Hope your parents get a boy this time, boys are so much easier than girls.”
  • “How horrible that there’s no one to carry on the dad’s name.”
  • And the worst one, according to Martin-Weber: “… That daddy was going to run away because he was outnumbered by so many girls and yes, that was said in front of our children.”

The mom’s post touched a nerve with others and sparked some lively conversation on Martin-Weber’s Facebook page, Beyond Moi. I was lucky enough to connect personally with Jessica, who shared her gratitude over the response to her photos and post. I wanted to know how she was feeling and her reaction to her viral post.

“Most of the attention has been very positive and many have expressed how they’ve been impacted similarly,” she said. “It’s good to see that many in society are ready for the pressures put on the sex of a baby to just stop and accept their children for who they are.”

We look forward to hearing about the new baby once she arrives. Good luck Martin-Weber family!