Get Your Kids To Eat More Fruits & Veggies With These Adorable Edible Creatures


It’s hard to get kids to eat their fruits and vegetables sometimes — that’s a fact that every parent won’t deny. But the cooler you make the experience, the more colorful it can be, or the more you can allow your kids use their imaginations while they eat good foods, then the easier the whole eating part will actually become easier.

Allowing your kids to make fun, edible art with their fruits and veggies is an exercise in creativity, but it’s also a sneaky way to help them eat healthier. Here are 7 adorable creatures you can make with fruits and veggies.

1. Fruity Penguins

These fruity penguins are a delicious and healthy alternative to other chocolate-y desserts. Just make sure you have the AC turned up a little in your house—penguins like it glacial! (I crack myself up.)


2. Pear Peacock

This beautiful peacock uses a pear, grapes, blueberries and baby carrots, according to Metaspoon. You can practically hear it squawking.

3. Orange Fish With Blueberry Bubbles

You could even choose different fruits and veggies to create the entire cast of Finding Nemo. That’s what I would do. I mean, if I had a kid, of course. I’m a grown up, and I don’t watch movies like that alone… Find this and other ideas also at Metaspoon.

4. Dolphins Playing In The “Sea” With An Oatmeal Sun

You could even add some orange slices around the edge of the “sun” to make it really shine. Talk about a balanced breakfast. See the original at The Banana Police.

5. Kitty Face And Paw Prints

Turn a piece of toast into something more exciting with Ida Skivenes’ food plate art. You’ll need bread, peanut butter, a banana, an apple, raisins for the eyes, some kind of nut for the irises and grapes and either pomegranate seeds or nuts for the paws. Check out this and other beautiful plate are at The Kitchn.

6. Fruity Frog

This frog is super simple and adorable. Paint some strawberry jam on his face to make a tongue. Find the recipe at the Canadian Family.

7. Porcupine Watermelon

This might not be something that your kids could on their own, but you could definitely throw it together in no time. All you would have to do is chop up the watermelon and use toothpicks to attach the nose and eyes. Get the how-to at Between Naps On The Porch.

Want more ideas? Hop on over to MetaSpoon.

Photo by NicoleMariePhotoworks


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