You Have To See What Happened When 7 Adorable Puppies Crashed A Bachelor Party

The phrase “bachelor party” may conjure up images of a wild party, lots of booze and maybe a poker game or two.

But a group of Michigan men took their bachelor party to a new level when they stumbled upon a stray dog and her litter of seven puppies.

The eight friends were celebrating the upcoming nuptials of Mitchel Craddock with a four-wheeling trip to Tennessee. While cooking breakfast in their cabin with the door open, the group noticed a skinny, flea-bitten dog standing at the door.

She wouldn’t come inside, but she did eat the leftover breakfast food the group gave her. Later, they were able to pet the dog, which they named Annie after Little Orphan Annie.

The group suspected that she had recently delivered puppies, so they set out to find her litter. They quickly discovered seven puppies, five or six weeks old, in a deep underground den.

The group couldn’t just leave them there, so one at a time, they pulled the puppies out and decided to adopt them. Their names: Brimmie, Rosie, Daisy, Knox, Gunner, Bear and Finn.

Tennessee Mutt Puppies

“You think of a bachelor party, and that’s the last thing you think of. Eight guys go down to go four-wheeling and come back with eight dogs,” Craddock told The Tennessean newspaper.

Craddock’s grandparents adopted Annie and one of the puppies. Craddock, who already had a chocolate lab, hadn’t planned on keeping one of the puppies for himself, but his fiancée insisted. Now, they snuggle with Brimmie.

Tennessee Mutt Puppies

After taking the pups to the vet for a once-over, the men brought the dogs to Craddock’s wedding rehearsal dinner for a happy reunion.

“They were all playing together and glad to see each other,” Craddock said. “I’m sure they’ll be life-long buddies. Just like all of us.”

The men have since set up a Facebook group called Tennessee Mutt Puppies to share the story of the dogs as they grow—and, of course, adorable photos.

Tennessee Mutt Puppies