Up Your Game With These Awesome Kitchen Hacks

Even though the kitchen may not be the main room in your home, it can sure feel like you spend most of your time in there. From meal-prepping, to dishwashing, to putting away the groceries, there’s always something to be done, and things can get a bit chaotic and messy when it comes to staying on top of tasks and keeping organized.

While there are tons of gizmos and gadgets for sale that claim to make your life easier in the kitchen, there’s no need to spend a bunch of money on a contraption that’s not as promising as it seems on TV. Fortunately, there are a ton of quick and easy hacks you can do yourself at home that will make your time in the kitchen a breeze, whether it comes to prepping, cooking, or even hosting.

1. Frozen herbs and olive-oil in ice cube tin

It’s easy to stock up up bags of frozen vegetables or trays of frozen dinners, but who says you can’t preserve your own food in the freezer too? Make use of that ice tray by pouring olive oil over your leftover fresh herbs for a quick dash of flavoring that can be used for future dishes. Having herb-infused olive oil on hand is great for flavoring foods like soups and pasta in a dash.

2. Ripen a banana in the oven

If your bunch of bananas are looking a little green, instead of waiting a few days for them to ripen, throw them in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 250 degrees Fahrenheit to bring them to perfect ripeness. Don’t be alarmed if your bananas turn black though– the fruit will be soft and sweet by the time you peel it open.

3. Microwave an old sponge

Instead of tossing your old and smelly sponge in the trashcan, stick it in a bowl of lemon water and microwave it for one minute. This will deodorize your sponge and help kill germs and bacteria, so you no longer have to buy new sponges so frequently.

4. Knock jars on the ground to open

If you’re having trouble opening a jar of tomato sauce, hit the jar diagonally so that the top of the lid hits the ground on its side. Try gently knocking it a few times and then twisting it regularly– you’ll be surprised how quickly it opens!

5. Keep your wine cold with frozen grapes

If you’re opening a bottle of warm wine, or you want to keep your already chilled wine cool, you won’t want to put ice cubes in your glass, as they’ll water your drink down once they melt. Instead, just plop in a few frozen grapes, which will help chill your drink and won’t ruin the flavor.

6. Put a towel over a salad to keep your leaves fresh

Saving a salad for later can end up leaving it soggy and wilted. To avoid your leaves going bad, place a paper towel over your salad and stick it in the fridge– the paper towel will help soak up the extra moisture and leave your lettuce crisp and fresh.

7. Heat up your knife to perfectly cut a cake

No need to make a mess slicing your cake when you can just warm up your cutting utensil. Let your cake knife sit in warm water before cutting your cake, and continue to reheat it as it cools. The heat will allow the knife to slice your cake smoothly for perfectly shaped pieces that will be sure to impress any guest.