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12 Awesome Products That People Who Hate Winter Need Right Now

These will definitely take the edge off those cold, dark days.

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Some people can’t wait for the cold air, dark evenings and snowy weather. Others approach the winter season with dread, retreating into their homes and counting down the days until summer. If you’re in the winter-loathing camp, you know how rough it is come December—you would do anything to make those below-freezing temperatures go away.

Luckily, there are ways to make winter a little less unbearable. Here are seven ridiculously awesome products for people who hate winter. They may not change the temperature outside, but they can at least help distract you from your least favorite season.

1. “I Don’t Do Winter” Sweatshirt

With this pullover sweatshirt, you can proclaim your distaste for winter to the whole world while still staying warm. It’s available in a variety of colors, and you can choose to have the text written on the front or the back.

Red Bubble

Red Bubble, $57.67

2. Light Therapy Lamp

A lot of people tend to feel more than just a little down during the winter season—they may even suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). A light therapy lamp can help (whether you have SAD or just need a little lift). The lamp emits a white light that’s supposed to emanate the power of the sun to boost your serotonin levels and improve your energy level and mood, so you can feel more upbeat like you do during the sunnier months.


Amazon, $112.92

3. A Cheaper Light Than The One Above


NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light, $66

4. Heated Mouse Pad And Hand Warmer

Doing work in a cold office is the worst, but you can keep your hands warm with this cute and whimsical heated mouse pad and hand warmer. Just connect your mouse pad to the computer using the USB, and keep your hands warm and cozy while you click away.


Amazon, $10.99

5. Bathroom Mat With Slippers

Getting out of the shower on a cold day is the worst, but now your toes don’t have to suffer, thanks to this bath mat that comes with inserts for your feet. Now you can shuffle comfortably from the bathroom to your bedroom without getting the ground wet or shivering along the way.


Bath mat, $74.95

6. Flask Mittens

If you’ve turned to the booze to help cope with this dreadful season (or maybe to help yourself stay warm), you’ll want a pair of these cozy mittens that has a has a 4-oz. refillable flask neatly hidden inside of them. If you have to spend time outside, at least you can enjoy some whiskey while you suffer.


Amazon, $16.82

7. A Heated Lotion Dispenser


Conair Heated Lotion Dispenser, $21.61

8. Ear Muff Headphones

If you like to listen to music while commuting to work, you’ll want to get a pair of these ear muff headphones, which keep your ears warm while you listen to your favorite tunes. Plus, they connect easily to your iPhone or iPod using Bluetooth.


Amazon, $49.95

9. Mug Warmer

Nothing is worse than brewing a warm cup of coffee or tea, only for it to get cold immediately after. You can combat that pesky problem with this cookie-shaped mug warmer. Keep it at your desk or next to the couch so your piping-hot drink actually stays that way.


Amazon, $13.02

10. Hat, Scarf & Mitten Combo

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 12.31.01 PM

Simplicity 3-in-1 Multi-functional Animal Hat, Scarf, & Mitten Combo, $14.99

11. Heated Steering Wheel Cover


Glacier Heat Heated Steering Wheel Cover with Rechargeable Battery, $59.99

12. Sarcastic Sweatshirt


Too Cold To Care, $44.00