7 Charming Gardening Products You Can Make From Stuff You Have At Home

Keeping a garden is a wonderful hobby, but sometimes it can seem like an expensive one, too. Luckily, keeping a garden doesn’t have to break the bank, especially when there are a number of items laying around your house that can be put to good use. Building your own garden using the stuff you have sitting around can not only help you save money, but even put your creativity to the test.

Instead of rushing to the nursery the next time you need a new gardening product, you might want to consider what you have laying around in the kitchen or in your recycling. Here are seven easy and inexpensive DIY garden hacks that anyone can do at home.

1. Teapot Birdhouses

Attract some pretty birds into your garden with an old teapot. Just mount it onto a board, and watch the birds flock to this cute version of a DIY birdhouse.

Robo Margo

2. Milk Jug Watering Can

You don’t need to buy a watering can when you can make your own from an old milk jug. All you need is a needle and a lighter, using the lighter to heat up the needle to poke holes through the lid from the inside out.

One Creative Mommy

3. Use Spoons As Gardening Signs

Need to differentiate between your different plants or herbs? Use an old spoon. Just flatten it down with a hammer, add a little paint, and you’ve got a sturdy label that looks attractive and doesn’t cost you a dime.

Turning Clock Back

4. Soda Can Pots

Instead of tossing your old soda cans into the recycling bin, use them to make your own flower pots. Remove the top and paint the outside of the can to your liking, then add in some soil and start growing some small plants of your own.

Polka Dot Chair

5. Egg Carton Seedling Starters

Instead of using plastic, opt for a biodegradable egg carton to plant your seeds. You can keep them indoors before your seeds sprout, and once they germinate, you can easily separate your egg carton for planting.


6. Tire Rim Garden Hose

Is your garden hose always getting in the way? Use an old tire rim to keep your garden hose wrapped up and organized. Paint it to decorate it your liking, and mount it on the wall for a cheap and charming hose holder.

Organizing Lady

7. Use A Muffin Tin To Create Grids

Want to create perfectly spaced holes for planting seeds? Whip out that old muffin tin, and create your own evenly spaced grids with minimal effort.

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