7 Clever Maternity Halloween Costume Ideas

If you’re expecting during the Halloween season (and it’s obvious), take advantage of your curvy new figure to create a fun costume. You can keep your tummy covered or create art on it to get your friends laughing or screaming (depending on your sense of humor). Here are seven fun ways to strut your baby bump this year.

1. Ball Bump

Have fun with your favorite sport by creating a big round ball that protrudes from your tummy or completely encircles you. If you still have your college sports team jersey or currently play tennis, golf or another game, paint a ball on your stomach, add a bump to the front of the top you’ll wear, or wrap a tennis, golf or other ball around your middle. Add shorts, knee socks, a cap and a whistle for a complete outfit.


2. Preggo Pasta

Get a bottle of Prego spaghetti sauce or find the logo online and create a top that replicates the pasta sauce jar. OK, so you’re missing one “g” – they’ll get it. You can take it even further by making a costume that puts you in a “jar” with the logo and other text on it (such as the number of ounces, calories, type of sauce and other information on a real label).


3. Bun In The Oven

Let folks know you have a bun in the oven by putting a rectangle around the front of your stomach and cutting a hole for an oven “window.” Draw a bun on your stomach, or draw an oven on the cardboard with a visible rack and bun inside. Add a cute phrase such as “Bake but don’t shake.”


4. Udderly Funny

Channel your inner cow and turn your tummy into an udder, complete with several “teats.” Add veins if you want to be more realistic, and make your teats a different color so they’re obvious from across the room. Keep some bite-size Milky Way or Milk Duds candy in your pockets to hand out as a gag.


5. Monsters Inc

Get the rest of the family involved in the fun with this clever Monsters Inc costume. Dad can be Sully, your little one can be Boo, and you can be Mike – your belly is perfect for Mike’s big eyeball.


6. It’s A Small World

Turn your bulge into a globe of the world and showcase where your baby’s ancestors come from. Put big stars on the countries from which your family and your partner’s family hail. Or, you can mark the places you want your baby to visit one day, creating a great conversation starter when friends ask you what the stars are for.


7. Mama Bird

What a clever idea! Use a shirt already in your closet and some matching crepe paper to make the feathers. Paint a blow-up kiddie pool inner tube to make the nest, and use some wild grasses for the bedding in the nest. Paint your tummy a speckled blue and you’re all set. If you have yellow dish gloves laying around, they;ll instantly transform your hands into bird claws.