7 Clever Ways To Unlock Creativity


It’s all too easy to fall into a creative slump, but what’s even worse is it’s often hard to get yourself out of one, too. If you’ve experienced this, then you’re just not trying the right things.

Once you know some of the tricks, you’ll be able to get back to peak creativity in no time.

Take it from someone who one attended art school and two writes for a living— genius often strikes when you least expect it rather than when you’re trying to coax it out. So, the next time you feel like you need to jumpstart your innovative thoughts, give these seven things a try.

1. Take A Walk

Both spending time outside and exercising can help get those creative juices flowing, and activates all five of the senses. Therefore, taking a walk is like getting two birds with one stone.


2. Spend Some Time With Your Thoughts

Alone time whether it be in the shower or just having a solo cup of coffee can be a great way to tap into what’s really going on in your mind without the distraction of others.


3. Listen To Music

Ambient noise has been proven to aid in channeling your thoughts. So, get those headphones in and get in touch with your ideas.


4. Switch Up The Routine

Getting too used to a certain routine isn’t always the best for sparking new ideas, so try and switch things up a little bit. If you always work in the office, try working outside for a change. Always visit your favorite coffee shop? Give a new one a try.

coffee shop

5. Designate A Creative Space

Having a space where you hang artwork, photos or have other mementos around can be a great way to have you in a good mood. Ready to produce some amazing work? Then, go to your creative space, why don’t you?


6. Take A Nap

If you’re feeling exhausted from racking your brain for your very best thoughts, then lay down to take a nap. Those moments right before you drift off to sleep can produce incredible things, and if not, at least you’ll feel refreshed when you wake.

cat nap

7. Do Something To Take Your Mind Off Of The Project

I know this may seem a little counter-productive, but sometimes you can’t produce under pressure. If you find yourself trying a little too hard to come up with an idea, then give it a rest for a while. Go have a drink with friends because you never know— maybe the conversation will give you that nugget of gold you’d been mining for.


So, there you have it, my fellow creatives. The next time you hit a roadblock in your thinking, or to prevent that from happening, employ these techniques. Here’s to all of the amazing things you’ll think up!

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