7 Creative Ways To Repurpose A Baby Crib

Babies require a lot of gear. From car seats to high chairs to cribs, they sure take up a lot of real estate with all their stuff — especially given how tiny they are.

When your babies are all grown up, though, what do you do with all those items? Of course, you could sell them or pass them on to a family member or friend who is just beginning their parenting journey. Or you can repurpose them and turn them into something brand-new.

When it comes to the baby’s crib, there are many clever ways you can repurpose it. Check out these seven ingenious ways to give an old baby crib a second life.

1. Child’s Desk

Turning a crib into a desk for art projects or homework does not even require unassembling or reassembling it, and it makes for a super-cute addition to your child’s room. Get the how-to from Desert Chica.

Desert Chica

2. Toddler Loft Bed

When your little one is ready for their own bed, this adorable loft bed can be made using their old crib by modifying it and adding a small ladder.

Adriel Booker

3. Dog Crate

Once your child is too big for their crib, it just might be the perfect size for your pup. An old crib can make for a cozy dog crate.

My Repurposed Life

4. Bike Rack

A crib rail is perfect for creating a bike rack for the kiddos to park their wheels.

Here Comes The Sun

5. Bookshelf

Turning a crib into a bookshelf or magazine rack is simple, and it’s a great way to display the titles for easy grab-and-go access.


6. Crib Porch Swing

An old crib doesn’t have to be repurposed solely for the kids’ use. The whole family can enjoy this cute porch swing.


7. Chicken Or Quail Coop

If you live in an area where you can raise chickens or quail, a crib can be turned into the perfect coop for your feathered friends.

Dukes and Duchesses