7 firefighters at this department all welcomed babies within a few months of each other

Melanie Todd/Facebook

There must be something in the water in the fire hydrants of Glenpool, Oklahoma.

Seven firefighters just recently welcomed new babies into their homes, meaning that fully 35 percent of the Glenpool Fire Department just became some very tired men!

The seven proud daddies posed for a sweet photo outside of the fire house, each of them holding their new bundle of joy in uniform.

Here’s a photo from Melanie Todd, who appears to be the mama of one of these babies (according to her Facebook page, her husband Dusty Todd is one of the firefighters!).

How adorable is that photo? As you can see from the matching red bows, there are five little baby girls and two little baby boys that just joined the Glenpool Fire Department family.

The babies were each born within the span of the same year, meaning that the firefighters at Glenpool certainly have been putting out a lot of fires both on the job and at home!

Of course, as adorable as the sweet new babies are, Facebook users couldn’t help but point out that the daddies are pretty good-looking as well!

For those of you who don’t know, the fire gear which the men are wearing can carry carcinogens and other toxins due to the nature of the heroic firefighters’ jobs, but the Glenpool Fire Department was quick to point out that their gear was cleaned carefully before this photo shoot took place.

Anyone who knows a firefighter knows how absolutely obsessive they can be about safety, so it’s no wonder that even an adorable photo shoot such as this doesn’t just happen without several precautions being put in place. There is no way these new daddies are going to be lax about safety around these little ones!

Now, the only question is, how are these tired guys going to find the energy to do late-night bottle feedings and still have energy to fight fires across town?! Let’s hope they have some good sleepers on their hands … or that Glenpool doesn’t have too many fires for the near future. Congrats, guys!

The babies even made it onto “Good Morning America” and of course they’re completely adorable!

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