7 Fun Halloween Desserts You Can Make In No Time

We love Halloween, and aside from coming up with clever costumes, coming up with creative desserts is the next best thing. Even if you’re not having a Halloween party or going to one, it’s still fun to make these ghoulishly good desserts for your family, friends, coworkers—and, of course, yourself. You’ll see.

Btw, these desserts are all easy DIY ideas that are kid-friendly, so you may even feel inspired to invite your kids’ friends over, or your friends over, to bake and decorate the night away.

And with Halloween around the corner, it’s still not too late to make the below. Plus, don’t forget to hit up a dollar store—they’re hidden gems when it comes to much of what you’ll need to make these sweet, spook-tacular treats.

1. Strawberry Ghosts

Natalia Lusinski

It’s time to say “Boo!” with these cute white chocolate-laden strawberry ghosts. I actually made these a few years ago—with melted white chocolate chips—and it was pretty fun. (That’s them in the picture above.)

There are many ways you can vary them up—for instance, by using chocolate chips instead of gel frosting (which gets a bit tricky at times, I must say). Miss CandyQuik made some this way and used Vanilla CANDIQUIK Coating. Pretty, aren’t they?

Miss CandyQuik

Just remember one thing—there’s no wrong way to decorate a strawberry ghost!

2. Halloween Spider Cupcakes

These are so much fun to make, and you can snack on the ingredients as you do so (pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate frosting, anyone?!). The Celebrations blog made theirs with Red Hots as eyes and then broke pretzel sticks in half for the spiders’ many, many legs. Before that, though, once you make your cupcakes, just frost, then dip, each one into a bowl of chocolate sprinkles (unless you want lighter-colored spiders, of course). So. Much. Fun!


I made these, too, for a party (see below). And I don’t think they came out too bad, I must say. Note: We forgot to buy Red Hots, so we used Tic Tacs for eyes! Nothing like some improvising in the kitchen, right? Plus, the green gives the spiders’ eyes an eerie glow, I think. And you get a breath mint after your cupcake. A win-win!

Natalia Lusinski

3. Pumpkin Cupcakes

Sticking to the dipping-cupcakes-in-sprinkles theme, these pumpkin cupcakes are also fun to make, not to mention festive. I used a pumpkin-flavored cake mix, but you can use anything really. Then, frost away, coat in sprinkles, and add parts of pretzel sticks as stems (i.e., leftover “spider legs”). (And you’ll see a few Tic Tacs again, this time on purpose!)

Natalia Lusinski

My Easy Recipes even made their pumpkin cupcakes different sizes, and added in some pumpkin-y detail on top. Impressive.

My Easy Recipes

4. Green Halloween Monster Treat

I don’t know any kids (or adults, for that matter) who don’t like Rice Krispie Treats, and now you can cover them with green frosting, then decorate them accordingly to have your very own little green monsters. Grab some black gel frosting, and then pick your favorite kind of candy for the eyes, arms, etc. Rice Krispie Treat Monsters for everyone!

Kellogg's Rice Krispies

5. 1-Minute Monsters

Who doesn’t love Hostess Ho Hos (aka Swiss Rolls if we’re not talking about the Hostess brand)? Well, using them to make edible monsters is so simple—once you grab some black gel frosting and candy eyes, too. We found this recipe via The 36th Avenue, and all we can say is: Yum!

The 36th Avenue

6. Mummy Oreo Pops

These are almost too cute to eat. All you need for this Pyrex recipe are some Oreos (and there are so many flavors these days, so you can get creative!) and candy melts (hint: look in the cake decorating aisle at your local craft store) or white candy bark (hint: check the baking section of your grocery store). Then grab some candy eyes (or black gel frosting) and popsicle sticks, and you’re all set for making your mummy creations.

The best part? No baking necessary!


7. Spook-tacular Donuts

No time to bake cookies or cupcakes? Or did you procrastinate—and you’re thinking, “Now what?!” Then these are for you. We love these super easy DIY donuts, which we found via Quill.com. With just a few decorations, like red gel frosting and plastic fangs (remember: the dollar store!), they’ll be Halloween-ready in no time.