These 7 ‘Healthy’ Foods Aren’t Really All That Healthy

Choosing healthy foods at the supermarket can be a tough task. With so many different options and labels, it can be difficult to decipher between true nutrition and clever marketing.

Eating healthy is important to a lot of people, but what happens if the foods you thought were good for you actually aren’t so nutritious?

Although there’s a ton of information floating on the web, you’d be surprised at how many foods that are considered good for you are actually as bad as drinking soda or eating a candy bar.

The seven foods below are perfect examples of foods considered by many to be healthier foods, but that are actually not very nutritious.

1. Juice

Though juice cleanses have been all the rage lately, consuming too much of the beverage can raise your blood sugar and blood pressure, as juices often contain as much sugar as a soda.

Plus, juicing removes fruits and vegetables of its fiber, an important healthy component of your diet. You’re better off drinking a smoothie that’s equally parts vegetables or fruit, or better yet, eating the whole fruit by itself.

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2. Low-Fat Products

Though it might seem like low fat products would be healthier (I mean, just look at their name), fuller fat products are often the better option.

Low-fat foods are processed, meaning some of their nutrients are removed, and salt, sugar, and other chemicals like preservatives are added.  Additionally, fats are an essential part of our diet and taking them out removes their benefits, including a healthier heart and a smaller waistline.

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3. Energy Bars

They may be a favorite with athletes, but energy bars are no better than a candy bar.

Filled with sugar, dyes, and additives, these snacks may appear to be healthy, but their extra boost of protein doesn’t make up for the fact that their ingredients aren’t super nutritious can often be artificial.

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4. Granola

Often touted as the mother of all health foods, granola is actually more of a dessert, as it can contain lots sugar and oftentimes large portion of grains. Stick to granola that’s sweetened naturally with honey, and try not to eat it in big quantities. Instead, sprinkle the topping on fruit or yogurt.

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5. Gluten-Free Foods

Unless you actually have Celiac’s disease or a gluten sensitivity, there’s no need to opt for gluten-free products, as they’re often replaced with less healthy alternatives such as corn or white rice.

Skipping out on gluten can also mean missing out on important nutrients found in these products, including B vitamins, fiber and iron.

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6. Fruit Yogurts

Yogurt is revered for its high protein and ability to aid in digestion, but pick the wrong kind and you’re slipping into a trap of unhealthiness.

Flavored and fruit-filled yogurt often contain a high amount of added sugar, which can actually take away from all the nutritional benefits of this calcium-filled snack.

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7. Sugar-Free Foods

We all know sugar is the ultimate culprit, but as it turns out, sugar substitutes can actually be worse.

Sugar-free foods are often replaced with artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, which has been found to cause a variety of health issues, including mental disturbances and digestive issues.

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