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7 Inexpensive Adult Lunch Boxes So You Can Bring Food From Home

These cute lunch carriers aren't just for kids!

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One of the simplest ways to save hundreds of dollars a year is to skip the drive-thru at lunchtime. Bringing your own lunch from home will not only net you extra cash, but it can also be fresher, healthier and tastier than fast food fare.

Whether you bring delicious dinner leftovers or pack different healthy lunches every day, you don’t have to brown bag it in the literal sense. With an abundance of attractive and affordable lunch boxes to choose from, your lunch can remain both economical and environmentally friendly. Check out this collection of cute, classy and convenient lunch boxes for grownups, all of which cost $20 or less:

1. Floral Cooler Bag

With more than a dozen bright and beautiful style choices, you can easily find an adult lunch box to complement your wardrobe. Grab it here for $15.99.


2. Organ Donor

Wish your coworkers would keep their paws off your grub? This hilarious lunch box should do the trick. Snag it here for $18.79.


3. Guitar Case

Let your inner rock star out at lunchtime with this tin box shaped like a guitar case. It even includes a variety of decals so you can customize the look. Get it here for $18.14.


4. Designer Bag

Set a fashion trend by carrying your lunch in a bag that looks almost like a designer handbag. The insulated bag comes in seven different designs, available here for $11.98.


5. Oxford Lunch Box

Streamlined and professional, this grownup bag has an insulated interior with an adjustable divider. It also has extra compartments for handy items, such as napkins, condiments and silverware. Pick one up here for $16.99.


6. Freezable Carryall

Since freezable gel is packed in the walls of this lunch bag, you don’t need any bulky ice packs. Just pop your bag in the freezer at night and you will be good to go. Get yours here for $19.95.


7. Downtown Style

Modern and understated, this lunch box combines style with function. The shoulder strap makes for easy carrying and multiple pockets allow you to bring everything you need. Find them here for $13.95.


[h/t: The Penny Hoarder]