7 Life Lessons From The Movie, ‘Now And Then’

There is a reason that the 1995 classic, Now And Then has stuck with so many people. This coming-of-age story features so many realistic life lessons that we all can relate too.

Whether it’s losing touch with childhood friends or discovering that your parents are, in fact, human, there are many ways that this movie reflects real life. This down-to-earth story hits home for all of us, yet always has coming back for more. Here are 7 real life lessons that I learned from Now And Then.

1. No Family Is Perfect

One of my favorite aspects about this movie is how it portrays a realistic family life. None of the girls have the atypical family. Whether it’s growing up in an all-male household like Roberta or dealing with the aftermath of a divorce like Samantha, these girls had very realistic homeliness.

No one was given the “white picket fence” treatment. It makes this movie so much more relatable as all of these girls had very realistic home life from a young age.

2. Friends Can Get You Through Anything


No matter what you are going through, your best friend is always there for you. Whether your trying to contact the dead or defeat your arch enemies (the Wormers), your friends will always have your back.

3. Girls Can Fight Their Own Battles


“Remember Roberta, you’re a lady” is probably one of my favorite lines from the whole movie. Roberta was my idol as a young girl, because she never let anyone cross her or her friends. She could stand up for herself, and did it with confidence.

4. The Sex Talk Is Weird For Everyone


No one really wants to talk to their kids about sex. While it’s the right thing to do, no one really knows exactly what to say.

5. Bodies Are Weird


Being a teenager is rough. Your body just suddenly decides to change everything about itself. It’s a hard road, but everyone goes through it. Just be sure not to stuff your bra with pudding. That never ends well.

6. Hardwork Is Rewarding


Some of the greatest things in life come from working hard. After a summer of doing odd jobs, those girls earned that treehouse.

7. You Don’t Plan Your First Kiss


It isn’t always with a prince or princess. First kisses are odd, and never like they are in the movies. If you asked Roberta just a month earlier, she would have never believed that her first kiss was with a Wormer.