7 Professional Certifications That Can Help Boost Your Career

Heading back to school is the easiest way to make more money at the job that you already have. Getting certified in your craft allows you to gain experience in your field, while working towards a higher salary.

The best part?  You might never have to step into a classroom. Many certification program can be done online. Many of these programs are designed to help business professionals get ahead in their careers without having to sacrifice their time at work. So, go ahead, and head back to school. It’s the best thing you can do for your career and your bank account.

1. Project Management Professional (PMP)

There are very few careers out there that cannot be improved by project management experience or a Project Management Professional certification. This certification shows that you know how to manage others, strategize multifaceted variables, and implement a project from start to finish.

This certification is very attractive for employers, as it shows that you can handle yourself in any leadership position. The Project Management Institute (PMI) hosts the certification, and is eligible to anyone with project management experience.

According to Huffington Post, those with this certificate can earn nine percent more for their salary than those without the certificate.

2. LEED Accredited Professionals

If you’re working in construction, building management, or interior design, then you should definitely look into becoming a LEED Accredited Professional. LEED,  Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, works to educate certificate recipients on eco-friendly strategies and practices to implement in the world of housing and design.

The certificate can not only boost your credibility, but the credibility of your designs and your buildings. In fact, those with LEED certifications are likely to earn twelve percent more than those without the certificate, according to the experts at Monster.com.

3. Adobe Certified Associate

In many professions, graphic design is a preferred skill for most job candidates and professionals.

Up your current skill level by registering to be an Adobe Certified Associate. The program will educate you in all Adobe software such as Photoshop and Illustrator, and help you to stand out against many entry-level candidates.

4. Microsoft Office Specialist

Microsoft Office is integral for any office job. Become an expert at the software by working towards a specialty certificate. It’ll allow you to have the perfect edge in the administrative world as well as help you boost your salary.

5. Certified Public Accountant

Did you get your Bachelor’s Degree in accounting? Boost your resume even further by working towards becoming a certified public accountant. This certificate helps those in the finance world land amazing jobs, and work towards their ultimate career goals.

Plus, certified accountant tend to earn thirty-five percent more than their uncertified counterparts.

6. Chartered Financial Analyst

Looking to manage financial portfolios or work in investment analysis? Show off your financial background by working towards a Charted Financial Analyst certificate. The program does wonders for your career, and not to mention your salary.

7. Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)

Boost your computer networking skills by becoming a Cisco Certified Network Professional. It’s great for those working in IT, who want to learn more about routing and switching scalable networks.