The 7 Secrets Of Punctual People

I consider myself a punctual person, but that’s not to say that I’m not also frantically running out of the house from time to time— I just happen to be running out 10 minutes early.

I personally hate to be late, so that’s why I try my hardest not to be. It doesn’t seem to bother other people as much, which must be nice because they probably stress way less than I do about meetings and such.

But then, there are some people who don’t like running late, but seem to be chronically behind, regardless. No matter what type of person you are, it does make a good impression to be early, or at the very least, on time, and there are ways that you can train yourself to be more punctual.

Follow these seven secrets of people who are always on time, and you’ll less like be one those people who are always late.

As far as stressing out goes, I’m sure running late doesn’t help, so arriving early might work better for your blood pressure— unless you’re as uptight as I am. That part’s a work in progress for me.

1. They Plan For Delays

Something I do is plan for things like traffic, etc. when planning on what time I’m going to leave to meet someone.


2. They Keep A Detailed Calendar

If you always write down your schedule, you’re way less likely to forget. Plus, it helps you stay organized.


3. They Are Honest With How Long It Takes To Prepare

For example, I know that if I take a shower in the morning, it takes me exactly an hour to eat breakfast and get ready. If I skip the shower— about 40 mins. It helps to know yourself and be honest with how long it takes you to do things.


4. They Set Alarms

If you’re worried you’ll forget or that you’ll start to run late, set an alarm two minutes before you need to be walking out of the door. When it goes off, grab your bag and leave.

phone alarm

5. They Pay Close Attention To The Time

So setting an alarm isn’t always an option, depending on where you are, but you can always pay close attention to the time. Don’t let yourself get too caught up in a task and totally forget about what time it is.

outside clock

6. They Prep The Night Before

Doing things like packing your bag or picking out your outfit the night before can help you save some time in the morning.


7. They Pretend The Appointment Is 10 Minutes Earlier

If I have an 8:00 appointment, I tell myself the appointment is at 7:50 so that even if after all my prepping I’m still a little late, there’s still a 10 minute buffer.


Take it from someone who tries— you can’t plan for everything. So, this isn’t exactly a fool-proof method. If you give these things a try, however, I think you’ll find yourself to be more punctual more often. Here’s to being early! Ready, watches set— go!

[h/t: Fast Company]