7 Sleeping Tips From The Most Famous Sleep Evangelist In The World

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You may not realize it, but one of the most famous businesswomen in the world also happens to be an expert on sleep.

In addition to running her media empire The Huffington Post, former political commentator, author and businesswoman Arianna Huffington has become one of the country’s biggest sleep advocates. She herself is so obsessed with sleep, that she not only has a strict sleep regimen, but she also wrote a book of advice, titled “The Sleep Revolution” to help others attain their important beauty rest.

Huffington wants to get us out of this sleep crisis, and it would be hard not to listen to a successful woman such as her. Following your dreams doesn’t mean giving up on sleep, and it’s time we prioritized getting adequate rest.

Here are seven of Arianna Huffington’s top sleeping tips we should all listen to.

1. Don’t Use Electronics Before Bed

Huffington turns off her phone and computer 30 minutes before bed, and for good reason. Research shows that the light from electronics than not only put off when you can fall sleep, but they can disrupt your quality of sleep once you doze off. 

2. Take A Hot Bath

In the evening, Huffington takes a hot bath with epsom salts to unwind. Taking a hot bath or shower can help you feel sleepier and actually get a better night’s sleep.

3. Don’t Set An Alarm

This one sounds a little nerve-wracking, but Huffington doesn’t set an alarm, and she wakes up naturally after about eight hours of sleep. “Think about the word ‘alarm’ — it means you’re starting off the day in a fight-or-flight response,” Huffington said to Yahoo! Beauty. “It makes cortisol, the stress hormone, flood your body, and that can’t possibly be good for you. So even before anything else happens in our day, you’re already in an alarmed, stressed out-mode.”

4. Drink Some Tea

Before bed, Huffington will often sip lavender or chamomile tea. Both herbs have been shown to help the mind and body relax, so indulge in a warm cup—just make sure you avoid any options with caffeine, such as black or green.

5. Exercise In The Morning

When Huffington wakes up, she spends 30 minutes on her exercise bike and another 10 minutes doing yoga. Huffington says this helps avoid stress build-up during the day, so if she doesn’t have time to work out first thing in the morning, she’ll take walking meetings at work.

6. Don’t Have Caffeine Too Late

It’s tempting to sip on coffee all throughout the day, but Huffington suggests putting down the java past 2 p.m. Studies show that even drinking coffee six hours before bedtime can disrupt your quality of sleep.

7. Meditate

Huffington meditates for 30 minutes in the morning before she exercises. Any time during the day that you can find to meditate is a win, and it can be especially helpful in calming your system before bed. Huffington winds down before bed by writing a list of the things she’s grateful for, and both of these habits can help reduce stress and promote longer, more restful sleep.