7 Surprising Uses For The Avocado Pit

By now we’ve all jumped on the avocado band wagon.  We know they’re charged with all kinds of health benefits: fat (the good kind), antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, super powers.  The avocado is so great in fact, Charles in Charge sang its praises in a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl – super actor, Super Bowl, super food. Bam!

But, what if I told you most of the super powers in an avocado are in that pit you are throwing in your trash can?

Here are 7 reasons to stop throwing your avocado pits in the trash:

1. Eat The Pit for Amazing Health Benefits

70% of the total antioxidant capacity of the avocado lies within the seed.  This packs a powerful punch and leads to some pretty big health benefits, including: reducing inflammation and joint pain, optimizing digestive health, destroying cancer cells, and glowing skin.

green smoothie photo
Photo by Robert Gourley

2. Grow a Tree

I can grow my own avocados? Yes, yes you can.  Step by step instructions make this a fun activity for adults and kids.

avocado photo
Photo by skyseeker

3. Make Tea

Make pit tea for a sore belly by cutting the seed in half and steeping in hot water for 10 minutes.  Or, seeds can be roasted, grated and then made into tea – which some say is great for asthma too.

tea photo
Photo by Laurel Fan

4. Natural Dye

Create beautiful pink fabric with a natural dye created by avocado seeds and skins.

avocado dye
Ruth Singer

5. Soothe An Aching Tooth

Avocado pits can even cure a toothache.  Toast avocado seeds and blend them to make a powder. Apply it to the painful tooth and cover with cotton. Or, try cutting off a piece of the raw seed and apply it directly to the tooth.

avocado photo
Photo by skyseeker

6. DIY Face Scrub

A ground pit can be used to soothe dry, itchy skin too.  Get your glow back with this all-natural face and body scrub.

Young woman with facial mask and avocado

7. Home Decor

Get your craft on, and use your imagination.  Seeds can be used to make ornaments, decorative balls and even wind chimes.


Here’s a few ideas:

  • Dry the seeds for about two weeks and you can make a wind chime.  One dried paint them and then follow these instructions to make a unique cheap wind chime.
  • Dry and bake the seed.  Afterwards, attach a hook to the top.  Thread a ribbon through the hook.  Then just pain the seed Christmas colors and you have a fun ornament.
avocado seed photo
Photo by jkomusin