7 Tricks For Organizing A Small Space

I just recently moved into a one bedroom 589 square foot apartment, so needless to say, organization has been super important for me lately. I’d generally consider myself an organized person, but nothing tests you like a limited amount of space in a home.

With a little bit of research and practical application, I’m here to tell you some of the best organizing techniques I’ve learned through the move-in process. These seven tricks are sure to have you well on your way to having a clutter-free organized home because there is a place for everything, even if you think there couldn’t possibly be.

One thing I had to get over during my journey to having an organized home is that you are going to see things. Not everything can be tucked away and hidden. But, as long as it’s arranged just so, it won’t be an eye sore (like I was originally so afraid of).

When trying to find a place for everything or create space where there isn’t, keep these things in mind:

1. Baskets Are Your Friend

To say that I love baskets would be an understatement. I use baskets as storage in the bathroom, living room, and just about everywhere that I can. They’re great because they are decorative and functional. So, if you have a bunch of clutter that you don’t want on the counter of your bathroom or on a bookshelf somewhere, throw it in a basket and no one will ever know it’s really full of junk.

2. Over-The-Toilet Storage Is A God Send

With limited counter space, having a shelving unit over the toilet will solve a lot of your problems. Load it up with towels, baskets, toilet paper— whatever you need stored.

3. Find Unconventional Uses For Things

Sometimes using things in ways they weren’t necessarily intended to be used is the best solution you can find. For example, I use what is meant to be a place to hang hand towels in the kitchen or bathroom on my office desk as a way to hang notes to myself, grocery lists, etc.

4. Clear Storage Containers Are Super Helpful

You can find tons of behind-the-door types of storage that are full of pockets and things, but keep in mind that having one that is see-through will be much appreciated when trying to find something. I store my makeup in one, and I can always find what I need without having to dig in each individual compartment.

5. Under The Bed Is Such A Great Place

I have a lot of clothes and shoes, so when I ran out of room in my closet, I turned to what has quickly become my new favorite place— under the bed. That’s right. It’s a great place to keep things safe, but out of sight. No one would ever know that underneath my bed is completely full of excess clothing by looking in my room, and it’s such a nice little secret to have!

6. Display Your Jewelry In A Decorative Way

Hanging your jewelry from a frame on the wall or displaying it in some kind of decorative way will be great for both functionality and a way to distract from the fact that you have your jewelry out where everyone can see. There’s really no easy way to store jewelry in a space-saving manner unless you do it this way, if you ask me.

7. Get Yourself An All-In-One Laundry Station

I have what I call a laundry station, which is a cart with wheels that has three hanging bags for dirty laundry and a hard surface that doubles as an ironing board and a folding table on top, and it is truly the best thing ever. It’s a great way to keep your laundry all in one place, and it’s easy to move so it can be stored wherever!

Here’s to having a very organized home!

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