7 Unique Pool Designs That Will Make You Want To Dive In Right Now


Summer’s meant to be spent poolside. If you’re looking into adding a pool to your backyard so you can quit going to the neighborhood watering hole, you need to think about a design that will suit your needs.

You don’t have to settle for a rectangle or kidney bean-shaped pool. Oh no, you can create a pool that looks more like a pond (tree house, swing and all). All you have to do is use your imagination.

These seven different designs will open your eyes to a whole new world of pool possibilities.

1. Lounge Area

Why lounge outside of the pool when you could lounge in it?


2. Water Slide

The addition of a water slide will make your kids’ dreams come true. This one would do the trick without making your pool look like a waterpark.


3. Walk-In Pool

A walk-in pool will make you feel like you’re at the beach. Plus, we all know climbing a ladder to get out of the pool is the worst, and this eliminates the need for that entirely.


4. Lap Pool

What if you’re not looking for anything fancy with your pool, you just want to get a little exercise? Well, there’s a pool for you, too!


5. Tree House

Want to create an oasis in your backyard? Make your pool look more like a pond, tree swing and everything!


6. Fireside Pool

For the best summer nights, create atmosphere by placing adding some extra warmth to your poolside retreat.


7. Stepping Stones

Integrating a walkway and a pool is probably the coolest thing. If you’re wanting a super modern design— this is the way to go.


Adding any of these designs to your backyard will make pool parties all the better!

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