7 Unique Uses For Rosemary You May Not Know About

Sure, we all love a little rosemary in our food, but did you know that there are also ways to use the herb that doesn’t involve eating it? Well, trust me there are, and these ways are all about the smell of rosemary rather than the way it tastes.

From using it to make your clothes smell fresh to scenting your bath, you’re going to love each of the 7 unique ways to use rosemary. As if you couldn’t get enough of it in your diet— now you can have it (and it’s amazing scent) around your home and on your self as often as you’d like.

That doesn’t sound half bad, now, does it? Find out how you can start using this spice in all new ways.

1. Rosemary And Lemon Potpourri

Place fresh rosemary and lemon on the stove to have a simmering batch of goodness to have your home smelling fresh. Follow this tutorial.

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2. Dryer Sheets

Add rosemary sprigs to a mesh bag, toss it in the dryer and have your clothes come out smelling amazing. This natural alternative sure beats buying dryer sheets, doesn’t it? Follow this tutorial.

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3. Bath Salt

Make your own wonderful-smelling bath salts right at home. Rosemary adds a subtle scent that will help you relax in the bath and leave you smelling fresh for hours after. Follow this tutorial.

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4. Pest Control

Rosemary is said to help ward off mosquitos and mice, so it can’t hurt having this around the house, now, can it? It’s also great for outdoor gatherings. No more mosquitos! Follow this tutorial to make your very own all-natural way to ward off pests.

One Good Thing

5. Essential Oil

Rosemary in essential oil form has great restorative powers. It’s great for restoring dry hair, so why not make yourself a home treatment from scratch? Follow this tutorial.


6. Decoration

Not only does this herb smell amazing, it’s also quite pretty to look at. Using rosemary as decoration will leave your home looking and smelling nice. Create a wreath that you can hang all year-long, despite what season it is, by using fresh rosemary. Follow this tutorial.

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7. Air Freshener

So, I’ve blabbed on and on about how great rosemary smells, but when you have springs of it around the house, they will eventually lose their scent and need to be replaced. If you don’t care to bother with that, you can always turn rosemary into a spritz form of air freshener so that you get the sweet scent of the herb with every single spray. Follow this tutorial.

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If you thought rosemary was just for eating purposes, you’ve been missing out on all that this plant could do. Make up for lost time and get yourself some rosemary around your home, STAT. With that excellent smell— you definitely won’t regret it.