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7 Ways To Make Your Groceries Last Longer

#4: Store your greens wrapped in a paper towel.

Nothing is worse than buying a bunch of groceries only to find that by the time you want to use them, they have already gone bad. It’s tempting to want to just shove everything in the fridge in an attempt to preserve them, but certain foods require a specific way of storage to make them last longer.

Knowing how to grocery shop the right way — and knowing how to store your food once you get home afterwards — can extend the life of your groceries and help you save money.

1. Buy Frozen Produce

If you find that your spinach gets soggy or your berries get moldy before you have time to eat them, consider opting for frozen produce instead. Frozen fruits and vegetables are not only cheaper, they last longer than fresh produce and are quite nutritious, since they’re picked at peak ripeness and preserved.

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2. Store Bread In A Dry Place

It seems like it would make sense to preserve your bread in the refrigerator, but it will go bad faster in a moist environment. Store it somewhere dry for a few days, and then transfer it to the freezer to increase its lifespan.

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3. Preserve Herbs In Olive Oil

If you have too many fresh herbs to use at once, save them for later by preserving them in olive oil. Use ice cube trays to make herb cubes, and throw them into pasta, soup, eggs, and other dishes later on when you need more flavor.

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4. Store Your Greens Wrapped In A Paper Towel

Prevent your leafy greens from getting soggy by wrapping them in a paper towel, which can help soak up some of the moisture. If your greens come in a plastic bag, remove them and transfer them to a container lined with paper towels.

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5. Put Mushrooms In A Paper Bag

To prevent your mushrooms from getting slimy, store them in a paper bag. This can help absorb any excess moisture, unlike plastic containers, which retain it.

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6. Store Asparagus Like Flowers

Let your vegetables double-up as kitchen decor. Store your asparagus like flowers by immersing them upright in a shallow bath of water. Cover with a plastic bag and store in the fridge, and your asparagus will stay crisp longer.

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7. Wrap Banana Stems With Plastic Wrap

Slow down fast-ripening bananas by wrapping the crown of the banana stems tightly with plastic wrap. Replace it each time you take a banana, and you’ll stave off browning for a few more days.

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Learn more ways to make your groceries last longer in the video below: