7-year-old explains how her two moms have a baby

Sometimes, kids have a way of explaining things that’s just better than anything an adult can come up with. When it comes to explaining where babies come from, parents often struggle to articulate the process in a way kids can understand. But kids are lot smarter than we give them credit for.

Just take first-grader Sofia, who is the daughter of a same-sex couple. When Sofia revealed to one of her moms that people told her it was impossible for her not to have a dad, her mom explained how she was conceived with the help of a sperm donor. Sofia totally got it, and she and her mom then made a video to explain the situation for those who might need some help. Check out the hilarious and adorable video below:

Sofia helpfully explains that both a sperm and an egg are needed to make a baby, and that women have eggs and men have sperm. If two women are in love and want to have a baby, “they call this guy at this place — it’s called a sperm donor.” Although she trips over the term a bit, she definitely gets the idea!

“I had no idea what she was going to say [in the video], but you may be able to see by watching that I was really surprised and impressed with her answer,” her mom, Brandy Black, told BuzzFeed.

Parenting experts agree with Black’s straightforward approach in explaining to her daughter how she came to be. According to Dr. Marilee Wasell, a San Diego psychologist specializing in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues and trauma, “it’s important to be straightforward about the nature of your family. If gay parents feel awkward discussing their family structure with their own children, the message is that there’s something to be awkward about,” Wasell told Parents.

Wasell added that it’s important to emphasize that there are all different kinds of families, but that they have a lot in common — including the fact that all families are about love, regardless of how they’re composed.

Writing for Scary Mommy, gay dad Jerry Mahoney also says you should use plain language to explain families with same-sex parents, such as “gay” and “lesbian.” You should also emphasize that while both a male and female may be needed to physically create a baby, parents are the people who choose to raise and love a child.

“Teaching your kids to be accepting of gay people and gay families is a great way to teach them acceptance in a broader sense — and to teach them the ultimate lesson: to be accepting of themselves,” he wrote.

Sometimes we adults can make things way too complicated. If you give kids a chance, you’ll soon realize they know exactly what they’re talking about!

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