75 Cheap Stocking Stuffers For Everyone On Your List

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The problem with stockings is that there is just so much space to fill. A small toy here, a gift card there, a sweet little piece of jewelry and you haven’t even begun to fill the stocking—yet somehow you have already spent $50!

That’s where this list comes in. Start your search for these items at your local dollar store. Where else will you be able to find all these things so reasonably priced? Self control will still be required—because even at $1 a pop, things can up add.

So here it is. A list that ranges from treats to toys and from home goods to toiletries. It shouldn’t be difficult to find a few goodies for everyone on your list.


Every stocking needs at least one sweet treat worth sneaking before breakfast. Chocolate is a crowd pleaser, but there are other options, too.

Flickr | Andrew Malone

1. Pez dispenser

2. Gum

3. Beef jerky

4. Popcorn Ball

5. Bag of popcorn (and perhaps Redbox card to go with it)

6. Hot Chocolate Mix

7. Favorite Candy Bar

8. Lollipops

9. Taffy

10. Chewy Candies


The reality is you’re going to be purchasing these items anyway, so you may as well stock up now. They are both practical and fun, especially when purchased in fresh new flavors or scents.

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11. Hand Sanitizer

12. Comb

13. Chapstick

14. Scented Soaps

15. Body Wash

16. Toothbrush

17. Toothpaste

18. Nail Polish

19. Tissue Packs

20. Hand Soap

21. Lotions

22. Shampoo

23. Bobby Pins

24. Nail Clippers

25. Hair Ribbons

26. Band-Aids

27. Hair Ties

28. Makeup Sponges

29. Nail File


The stocking is the perfect place to tuck all those small, but awkwardly shaped, toys that no one feels like wrapping. Or you can be that person that forces their kids to unwrap every item in the stocking. This may be time consuming, but will be worth it when you get an extra couple of minutes to enjoy your coffee on Christmas morning.

Flickr | Michael Pollak

30. Deck of cards

31. Baseball cards

32. Comic books

33. Bouncy Balls

34. Puzzle Books (i.e. Sudoku, crosswords and word finds)

35. Matchbox Cars

36. Foam Footballs

37. Small Puzzle

38. Yo-Yo

39. Play-Doh

40. Jump Rope

41. Silly String

42. Small Stuffed Animals

School/Office Supplies

This is a great time of year to restock the pens and pencils. It eliminates at least one excuse for the kids not sitting down to get homework done.

Flickr | Origami48616

43. Mechanical pencils

44. Journal/Notebook

45. Stationary

46. Tape

47. Scissors

48. Calendar

49. File Organizers

50. Crayons

51. Pens

52. Glue Sticks

53. Markers

54. Post-It Notes

55. Water-Color Paints

56. Stickers

57. Coloring Books

Household Items

Practical is sometimes perfect when you are talking Christmas stockings.

Flickr | KishR

58. Duct Tape

59. Flashlight

60. Oven Mitts

61. Dish Towels

62. Straws

63. Bottle Opener

64. Cupcake Liners

65. Free Jiffy Cookbook


What’s a stocking without a few totally random items thrown in? Make sure that you select at least a few gifts from this section.

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66. Glow sticks

67. Bookmark

68. Magnets (for the locker or fridge)

69. Key Chain

70. Yarn

71. Socks

72. Temporary Tattoos

73. Hand-Warmer Packs

74. Ear Buds

75. Car Air Freshener