8 Beauty Uses For Vitamin E In And Around The House

Vitamin E has a pretty good reputation when it comes to health benefits. When it’s in your food, it can boost your immune system and reduce cholesterol levels. When used as a cosmetic product, such as a lotion, it can treat sunburn and moisturize the skin.

What may not be as commonly known, however, are how many beauty benefits vitamin E can bring. From hair to skin and everything in between, these 8 vitamin E beauty secrets can be done right in the comfort of your own house.

1. As An Eye Cream

Taking Vitamin E and mixing it with coconut oil can allow for an effective eye cream. Use this homemade eye cream recipe under your eyes and expect benefits such as reduced wrinkles and tissue repair.

2. To Repair Split Ends

When dealing with split ends, it can be beneficial to put some vitamin E oil at the ends of your hair after shampooing while your hair’s still damp and brush through. The antioxidants in the oil can do wonders for your hair.

3. As A Makeup Remover

Vitamin E oil can also be used as a quick and easy makeup remover. Just put a few drops on a cotton ball or Q-tip and wipe your face. The makeup will stick to the oil in one swipe.

4. A DIY, Natural Body Wash

Make your own natural body wash with this recipe that contains vitamin E oil, soap and honey. It vows to be a body wash that’s soft enough to use on your face, but also rich enough to be used as a lathering shaving soap.

5. To Repair Nails and Cuticles

If you notice your nails breaking off or chipping more than usual, vitamin E oil can be an easy solution. Just place a couple drops on your nails and rub in to bring them back to life.

6. To Treat Stretch Marks

Vitamin E oil can be easily applied to stretch marks to not only reduce their appearance, but also lessen any itching or irritation they may bring on. The oil ill increase the amount of skin cells growing in the area, thus making a gradual progression of the stretch marks disappearing.

7. As An Anti-Aging Treatment

Applying Vitamin E oil to your face will speed up cell regeneration, making the vitamin a popular choice for face lotion and anti-aging effects.

8. To Heal Any Scars

Apply some vitamin E lotion or oil onto any scar you may have, as it has been noted to speed up the recovery of skin tissues.

Photo by LifeSupercharger