8 Clever Products For People Who Are Accident-Prone

Must-have products for all of us klutzes!

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If you’re someone who is particularly clumsy, you’re definitely used to people keeping you away from fragile items and out of the kitchen. However, if you’re the type of person who likes to be in on the action, you’re not going to want to be banned from participating in certain activities — but you also don’t want to get seriously injured in the process (sound familiar?). Luckily, the world is looking out for you, and there are a number of gizmos and gadgets out there made to help you avoid potential catastrophes.

If you’re particularly prone to some unnecessary accidents, you might want to consider getting one of the eight products below for yourself—who knows, they could change your world entirely!

1. Spill-Proof Wine Glass

With these wine glasses, you’ll no longer be the person who spills red wine all over your friend’s brand-new carpet. These beautiful molten-glass wine glasses are spill-resistant, which make them a great option for all those Wine Wednesdays.

Aha Life

Aha Life, $46

2. Leak-Proof Travel Mug

No more spilling hot coffee all over yourself right before a business meeting. This leak-proof travel mug also has a suction cup at the bottom, which can prevent it from tipping over on something like your laptop.


Amazon, $11.99

3. Finger Protector

Chopping vegetables can be a scary experience if you’re a little bit sloppy. In order to keep your fingers safe, this stainless steel finger protector will keep all your appendages away from the blade.


Amazon, $6.95

4. Phone Case

If your phone is case-less right now, you’re really living life on the edge. You might want to consider investing in a Lifeproof case, which can protect your phone from water, snow, ice, dust—you name it—in addition to unfortunate encounters with the sidewalk.


Amazon, $44.99

5. No-Skid Socks

If you’re spilling and dropping things everywhere, you’re probably slipping and falling too, and no one wants that! These no-skid socks are still comfy and breathable, but they’ll help stop you from landing on your bum when you least expect it.


Amazon, $12.97

6. Unstainable Shirt

Just in case those spill proof glasses don’t work, you can always deck yourself out in an unstainable outfit. You’ll no longer have to walk on egg shells when donning a white shirt.


Kickstarter, $25-50

7. Silicone Mat

Nothing is worse than burning your fingers on a hot bowl fresh out of the microwave, but with a silicone mat, you can grab that burrito hassle-free.


Amazon, $6.45

8. Lock Laces

Tripping over your own shoe laces is pretty embarrassing. Avoid any public shame with these no-tie, elastic laces that won’t hang over your sneakers.


Amazon, $7.99

Put your klutzy worries to rest with these products will make you (almost) accident-proof—after all, accidents do still happen!

[h/t: Buzzfeed]