8 Creative Tricks To Make Your Summer Beach Trip So Much Better

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It’s summer vacation time and to make sure you are primed to make the most of your time on the beach, we wanted to provide you with some great tricks. These are sure to help you stay cool, keep the sand away, and just make your life that much better .

Have a great vacation!

1. Use Fitted Sheet For A Sand Free Zone

When you get your base setup at the beach, it’s important to keep as much sand out of it as possible. Team Johnson came up with a great idea on how to do this. Take a fitted sheet and place bags in each corner and like magic, you have a sand-free zone. Check out more details here.

2. Use Laundry Basket For The Perfect Beach Toy Bag

There’s nothing worse that opening up that bag you used at the beach and it’s full of sand. The Idea Room suggests using a mesh laundry basket.  You can find them for under $5.  Here’s one example.  Check out The Idea Room for more great ideas.

If you want to class it up a little, you can get this cool beach bag for under $10 that works the same way.


3. Put Your Phone In Plastic Bag, The Touchscreen Still Works

I spent $79 for a waterproof case, I should have done like @moniquefrausto and used a Ziplock! Great idea! #alex13

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No need to spend money on a fancy case.  Try this easy technique to spare your phone from water and sand.

4. Avoid Spilling Your Drink With These Drink Holders

We’ve all been there… knocking over that cool adult beverage into the sand.  Oh the humanity.  Luckily, The Homes I Have Made has a great DIY on how to make drink stands that prevent your refreshing drink from getting knocked over.

5. Put Your Valuables In A Diaper, People Won’t Get Near

Flickr: stevendepolo / Via Creative Commons

Looking for a creative solution to keep thieves away from your valuables.  Put them in a diaper.  No one is going to risk opening up a diaper just to find a few bucks.  Genius.

6. Make Aloe Ice Cubes For Sun Burn Relief

It’s a fact of life…No matter how much you try, someone in the family is going to wind up with a little sunburn.  Try this recipe from The Chic Site for Aloe Ice Cubes to provide relief from the burn.

7. Use Water Balloons As Ice Packs, Plus Kids Can Use Them Once They Melt

Here’s a great way to keep things cool.  Instead of clunky ice packs, try making ice packs from water balloons.  The best part of this is that once the ice melts, kids will have a blast using them.   And.. nothing to lug home when done.  Check out Brit + Co for more details and other great ideas.

8. Sow A Pillow Into Your Beach Towel For Ultimate Relaxation

I love this.  Follow this DIY to turn a regular beach towel into the perfect relaxation station.  You basically sow a pillow into the blanket and add a loop so it’s easy to carry around.  Genius.