8 Easy Ponytail Styles You Have To Try ASAP


Ponytails are probably a girl’s best friend (aside from chocolate, that is). But, if you’re like us, you may get tired of the same old ponytail that takes you about five seconds to do. However, did you know there are several ponytail variations you can create, and they’re not much more time-consuming than your average ponytail?

Though you may see a woman wearing a unique up-do ponytail, you may think it looks too intimidating. “I could never do that,” you may tell yourself. But you know what? You can. And here’s how. Below, you’ll find eight variations on the ponytail, so next time you’re in a hurry, you can easily add some variety when it comes to your hair.

1. Pop-Star Mile-High Ponytail

Chances are, your standard ponytail is at a normal height. Why not switch things up, literally and figuratively, by imitating Ariana Grande’s famous mile-high ponytail? Not only is it easy, but it looks amazing, too. Get the 4-1-1 here by Luxy Hair.


2. Full-Braided Ponytail

If you don’t want a plain ponytail, you can always mix things up with a braid, and Milabu, hair, beauty and fashion vlogger extraordinaire, demonstrates here in this Instagram video.


Partial-Braid Ponytail

Here’s another braid variation, but only as an accent to your ponytail, so to speak. Instead of putting all your hair into a ponytail, save a small portion and make a braid to wrap around the ponytail at the end (we recommend over your rubber band to ensure your ponytail doesn’t come loose). The Freckled Fox has an easy “braid-wrapped ponytail” how-to here. She makes a side ponytail and uses some hair from underneath her hair to create the braid. Ahhh-mazing!


The Knot

If you’re not into braids, or have tried them but want to try yet another ponytail variation, the ponytail knot may be for you. Not only does it look sophisticated, yet casual, but it’s also so easy to create. Learn how here, courtesy of The Beauty Department.

The Beauty Department

Bubble Braid Pony

You may remember the Bubble Braid hitting runways a few years ago. Well, the style is still seen on the streets, and you can try out your very own Bubble Braid. Luxy Hair will fill you in.

Topknot Bun and Pony

You may be looking for a stylish look, and this top knot bun creation is perfect. Brought to us by OmabelleTV on YouTube, you’ll be rocking a new look in a matter of minutes.

Ponytail Curls

If you want a curly ponytail, look no further than this YouTube video by Pretty/Twisted, where she shows you how it’s done—and in just five minutes! Yes, please!


Half-Up/Half Down

If you’re more a hair half up/half down kind of person, you can try out this ponytail style by Alexandrea Garza.

There you have it—no excuses not to have a go-to ponytail style to try. Now, if you’ll excuse us while we go try some of these out for ourselves…

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