The 8 Friends Every Mom Needs

Being a mom is hard work. Sure, it takes a village to raise kids, but make no mistake, it takes a village to raise a mom, too. Bottom line, you need pals to get you through the day. If you’re lucky enough to have a kick-butt squad of gal pals, then you will probably recognize some of these absolute must-have friends.

1. The Fashionista

Sometimes you secretly want to hate this pal, but you can’t because you love her and her shoes. She encourages you to step up your game, give those yoga pants a rest and—gosh darn it—brush your hair. She shows us that just because we got thrown up on this morning, doesn’t mean we have to wear it.

2. The Casserole Mom

She will remind you how blessed you are even when you don’t want the reminder. She has a heart of gold, and a desire to serve and be present that is unmatched. She will show up uninvited, and she’ll bring you a casserole while she’s at it.

3. The Single Lady

She is still living the life you used to live together. She is awesome. Your kids love her because she’s the cool “aunt” they see twice a year. She lives somewhere amazing with a Nordstrom and great nightlife within walking distance . She provides you with that much-needed escape for an emergency girls weekend.

4. The Chillaxed Mom

Kids are screaming, someone has a fever, someone else is peeing, the house could be burning down and this laidback mama has everything under control. She is relaxed. Nothing scares or surprises her. Sharpie on the sofa? “It’s ok! They’re just kids!”

5. The Do-er

You need this friend because she pushes you to get out and engage. She will go to parks and playdates and the pool and yoga-in-the-park and all before noon. She is a “yes” woman, and she will challenge you to go out and do, too.

6. The Wise One

Find her, latch on to her and soak up her stuff. She knows more than you, because she’s lived through it and is on the other side of mothering bliss. She has given her kids wings, and they are soaring.

7. The Girl Next Door

No, literally. Go out your front door and turn right. If you don’t have a neighbor you can call for a cup of sugar or in an emergency because there is a bird in your house and you are paralyzed with fear and they have a fishing net and gumption (hypothetically speaking of course)—go find one now. She will save you from certain insanity. She will welcome your children into her home for hours and feed them and let them use glitter. And she’ll be the first to show up with a bottle of wine when you desperately text her at 4 p.m. asking if it’s too early to booze. Now go out there and park your butt on your driveway until you find her.

8. The Person

This friend knew you before you were a mom, and has grown with you through each step in your journey. She is your person, your sister, your compass. She understands the struggle, and knows when you need a bottle of wine, a gallon of ice cream or a snuggle. She will remind you of your most embarrassing moments, and harbor your darkest secrets. The sound of her voice is enough to make you breathe or burst into tears because she is the one that just gets it—gets all of it.