8 Frustrations Only A Left-Hander Understands

Life is full of frustrations that only left-handers understand. Here are a few of our favorite frustrations that left-handers have to deal with in life every day.

1.  Those Dreaded School Chairs

school desk chair photo
Photo by Renato Ganoza   

2.  Spiral Notebooks

spiral notebook photo
Photo by juliejordanscott

3.  The Classic Pencil / Ink Smudge

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4.  Credit Card Swiping

credit card swipe photo
Photo by JeepersMedia


5.  Baseball Gloves at Camp or Gym Class

baseball mitt photo
Photo by somegeekintn

6. Can Openers

can opener photo
Photo by Didriks

 7. Choreographed Dancing

dancing photo
Photo by be creator

8.  Scissors

scissors photo