Here Are 8 Of The Oddest Items Found At HomeGoods

Walking into a HomeGoods store is a thrilling experience for many home decor addicts. It’s almost like gambling, in that you never know what you’re going to leave with: your money or… something else entirely. From picture frames to bath towels, vases, rugs and pillows, there seems to be a little something for everyone.

You can expect to find all sorts of home good basics: solid-colored towels, plain pillows and your classic wooden pictures frames. But then there are the decor items that are a bit more, well, unique. If you’re a true HomeGoods fan, then you know what I’m talking about.

If you spend enough time in HomeGoods, you will often find a hidden gem that leaves you scratching your head. Sasquatch statues and giant metal roosters, we’re talking about you.

Here are some of the strangest things spotted at HomeGoods that have then been shared on social media for all to enjoy:

1. Inspirational Albert Einstein Statue For Your Desk

Oh no, did Albert Einstein see a ghost?

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2. This Brightly Painted Tin Bull Statue

How do you think this would look in the living room, honey?

3. Or Maybe Roosters Are Your Thing

Like we said, there really is something for everyone if you happen to hit up the store at just the right time.

4. Sasquatch Sighting!

And like we mentioned earlier, who doesn’t need a life-sized Sasquatch as part of their home decor?

5. Your Ticket To Global Cuisine!

Thanks to HomeGoods, you can now give up your traditional oven and start baking your food in this old-fashioned Austrian Kachelofen stove. Just kidding! It might not even be functional, but it would definitely serve as a conversation piece, if nothing else.

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6. The Perfect Chairs For Your Brand-New Dining Room

For those who want to preside over the dinner table from the safety of a human birdcage.

7. Artwork For Your Guest Bathroom

In case you need a reminder to measure your soap. Wait. What does this even mean?

8. Zombie Bunny?

And finally, the perfect piece of home decor if you’re looking to scare children who just can’t stop asking to meet the Easter Bunny. Sure you want to meet him if he looks like this, sweetie?

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