8 Tips To Get Longer, More Beautiful Lashes

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Long, healthy lashes are a girl’s dream, but how exactly do you go about getting them without permanent lash extensions or serums with crazy side effects?

Well, there are eight different ways that you can be taking care of your lashes to help them grow naturally, as well as special ways you can be applying products to give the illusion of lengthier lashes, at the very least.

By slightly altering your beauty routine, you can be well on your way to having the voluminous lashes you’ve always wanted.

1. Moisturize

Using certain oils, such as castor oil, you can naturally moisturize your lash line to keep the hairs healthy and reduce breakage.

Castor & Moringa Softening Serum, $24, Sephora

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2. Brush

Using a spoolie brush, gently brushing your lashes can keep them growing straight instead of turning in different directions as they grow. It can also increase lash health and help them grow longer than they normally would.


3. Use The Right Mascara

Certain mascaras are known to give have a more lengthening effect. Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Mascara is one of my personal favorites for bold lashes, but there are plenty of mascaras out there to give you the lash look you’re going for.

They’re Real!, $19, Sephora

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4. Apply & Remove Mascara Correctly

Removing your mascara on a nightly basis is key in making your lashes less brittle. Doing so in a downward motion will keep you from damaging or removing any hairs from your lash line.

Once your lashes are clean, you can curl your lashes before ever applying mascara to help make them look longer. Applying mascara in a slight sideways motion will help make your lashes look thicker.

Eye Make-Up Remover, $5, Neutrogena


5. Change Mascara Frequently

Using fresh mascara will allow for easier application, so it’s important to never let your mascara dry out. It’s recommended to purchase new mascara every three months.


6. Use Baby Powder In Between Layers

Sprinkling baby powder over your lashes before applying a second coat of mascara will help your lash line look less sparse. So, you’ll definitely want to add this simple step into your beauty routine.


7. Know How To Curl Your Lashes

Heating your curler before using it can help get a more intense curl. Also, angling your eyelash curler at a more severe angle will give you a bigger curl.

Eye Lash Curler, $12

lash curler

8. Add False Lashes

Wearing false lashes can be a great way to add length as long as you’re using an adhesive that won’t harm your lash line. Duo Glue in Black is one that’s recommended for being gentle on lashes. Also, curling your natural lashes before adding the false ones will give a thicker, lengthier look, also— just as a helpful tip.

Duo Glue, $7.97, Sephora

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Get ready to have long, full lashes by using any of these eight techniques.

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