8 Unexpected But Delicious Recipes To Make In A Bundt Pan

If you have a bundt pan at home, you probably only whip it out when it’s time to make a cake. However, you can make more than just a plain old pound cake using your bundt pan, and you don’t even have to stick to making a cake at all.

This kitchen tool can be used for a wide variety of recipes, and with its iconic shape, it adds some kitschy fun to more traditional dishes. So, haul out that bundt pan and shake things up with these eight unexpected recipes.

1. Garlic Parmesan Pull-Apart Bread

Make a fun and unique, easy-to-share loaf of bread using your bundt pan. This garlic-and-cheese-filled bread uses biscuits to make a ring-shaped loaf that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

Recipe: The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

2. Cold Cut Bundt Sandwich

Hosting a party? Make this giant sandwich using bread made in a bundt pan. Just buy some pre-made dough, and assemble lunch for a large crowd in a flash.

4 Sons R Us

Recipe: 4 Sons R Us

3. Bundt Cake Breakfast

There’s no actual cake in this one. Instead, it’s made with ham, eggs, tater tots, biscuits and cheddar cheese for a decadent and savory breakfast that can last all week.

Genius Kitchen

Recipe: Genius Kitchen

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4. Baked Macaroni N’ Cheesecake

Don’t worry, this mac and cheese dish won’t be tart like a cheesecake dessert. The cheesy pasta is just baked in the bundt pan for extra crispiness, and you’ll get an incredible texture using the pan.

Amsterdam and Beyond

Recipe: Amsterdam and Beyond

5. Roasted Chicken And Vegetables

You don’t need any fancy tools to roast a chicken — just use a bundt pan! Fill the inside of the pan with vegetables, stuff your chicken, and place on the top part of your pan for a full meal that requires very little maintenance.

Iowa Girl Eats

Recipe: Iowa Girl Eats

6. Stuffing

Make Thanksgiving a little more interesting by creating stuffing in a bundt pan. Serving will be a breeze since you can just slice away at the perfectly cooked bread-, bacon- and herb-filled ring.

Kim's Healthy Eats

Recipe: Kim’s Healthy Eats

7. Jalapeño Poppers

Sick of all your cheese melting off your jalapeños? Here’s a solution: Use a bundt pan to prop those babies up. You can make a large batch of jalapeño poppers this way, and you won’t have to worry about all that cheese leaving the dish.


Recipe: Zestuous

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8. Hidden Sloppy Joes

Sloppy joes are made easy when baked into a bundt cake. Ground beef is cooked in between some dough to make a unique bundt cake that can be eaten for lunch or dinner.


Recipe: Tablespoon

Bonus: Giant Donut Cake

Can’t decide whether to celebrate someone’s birthday with some donuts or a birthday cake? Get the best of both worlds with this giant donut cake from The Cake Blog. This gorgeous creation is made using a bundt pan, some buttercream frosting and a fondant “glaze.”

The Cake Blog

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