8 Unnecessary Kitchen Gadgets We Totally Want

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There are kitchen essentials (dishes, utensils, pots and pans); there are kitchen nice-to-haves (food processor, waffle iron, even an ice cream maker); and then there are kitchen gadgets that are SO specific and unnecessary that you’re left to wonder—who in the world has enough drawer and cabinet space to contain a different gadget for every food item on earth?

Yes, a pot that is meant ONLY for cooking asparagus or tool that can ONLY be used to separate leaves from kale stems is pretty extravagant, but also incredibly useful in the moment. We don’t see anything wrong with picking up a few extra tools to play around with in the kitchen. After all, who wants to eat an avocado that isn’t sliced perfectly?

Here are eight unnecessary kitchen gadgets that we totally want.

1. Hands-Free Pot Stirrer

Don’t want to spend all day tending to a stew or soup? Use this hands-free pot stirrer instead! Sit back and relax while this gadget does all the stirring.


Amazon, $8.69

2. Avocado Slicer

Sure, you can cut an avocado with a regular knife, but will the slices look as pretty? I think not. This slicer yields perfectly even slices, making your toast even more Instagram-worthy.


Amazon, $9.95

3. Ice Ball Maker

Ice cubes are SO last year. Make some beautiful ice balls instead with this freezer mold—your lemonade will look so much cooler with floating spheres.


Amazon, $8.75

4. Cat Egg Mold

This gadget is for anyone whose parents had to keep telling them to stop playing with their food. Whether it’s to indulge your own sense of humor or you’ve got kids who need extra motivation to eat their eggs, make breakfast fun with this cat egg mold.


Amazon, $5.99

5. Pineapple Corer

I mean, you might not eat pineapple that often, but when you do, this little gadget will come in handy. Now you can enjoy pineapple rings stress free.

pineapple corer

Bed Bath & Beyond, $19.99

6. Lemon Juice Citrus Sprayer

If you like to cook with lemon and want to get your lemon juice evenly distributed (and avoid getting the juice all over your hand), get yourself one of these spray bottles—shaped like a lemon of course, because why not?


Amazon, $8.99

7. Cake Pie Slicer

If you host a lot of parties, you might want to consider getting this cake pie slicer. You’ll create perfect cuts of your dessert, and you won’t have to use your fingers to help transfer it over to a plate.


Amazon, $8.55

8. Cherry Pitter

Don’t you wish all your cherries were pitted like a good ol’ maraschino? Well, now you can enjoy pit-free cherries yourself with this at-home pitter. Necessary? Probably not. Convenient? Most definitely.


Amazon, $9.98