8 clever uses for bacon grease you probably haven’t tried yet

Bacon has always been a tasty breakfast staple. But in recent years, the food has become somewhat of a culinary star, making its way into everything from onion rings to pasta. The bacon craze shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, but one unfortunate side effect of frying up a pan of it is the resulting grease.

Rather than just tossing bacon grease into the garbage once you’re done cooking, you should hang onto it, because it’s actually kind of liquid gold. Don’t believe us? Turns out there a number of uses for bacon grease around the house that will have you saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Read on for eight of the most clever ways to re-purpose bacon grease.

1. Cook Up Some French Toast

Sweet and salty is a classic breakfast combination. If you’re the type who can’t choose between French toast and bacon, have your cake and eat it, too by frying the bread in the grease. The results will not disappoint your taste buds.

french toast photo
Flickr | Lisa Sabater-Mozo

2. Make A Candle.

Not only is this a fun DIY project, but bonus—your house will smell like bacon-y goodness when you light it. Sounds like a win-win!

diy candle photo
Flickr | ProFlowers.com

3. Whip Up A Homemade Dressing

Looking for a way to make salad less boring? Add some bacon grease. Check out this recipe from How Sweet Eats for an amazing-sounding spinach salad with hot bacon dressing.

How Sweet Eats

4. Make Bacon-Infused Bourbon

If you’d like a side of booze with your bacon grease, look no further than this recipe for bacon-infused bourbon from Foodie Misadventures. Happy hour will never be the same with this delicious-sounding treat!

Foodie Misadventures

5. Season Cast Iron Skillets

Not only will this method ensure your cast iron skillet lasts for years to come, but it will give everything you cook a subtle bacon flavor.


6. Start A Fire

Usually, a grease fire means you have a kitchen emergency, but if you’re looking to start up a bonfire in your backyard, you can make a great DIY fire starter using bacon grease, dryer sheets and an egg carton.

7. Make A Bird Feeder

It’s not just us humans that can’t get enough of bacon. Turns out birds can’t resist the flavor, either! Check out this recipe for a bacon fat bird feeder from Craftulate that will ensure our avian friends are eating well.


8. Whip Up Homemade Dog Treats

Bacon seems to be a species-wide favorite. In addition to humans and birds, there’s no denying that dogs also go crazy for bacon. These bacon and peanut butter dog treats from Hardly Housewives will have your pup begging for more.

Hardly Housewives

[h/t: Do You Remember?]