8 Ways To Celebrate The Holidays Like Grandma And Grandpa Used To

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Long trips to the mall (or late nights spent online shopping) and Facebook invites to a dozen holiday parties… we all know what the holidays have turned into. Perhaps this is the year to take a step back—in time—and celebrate the holidays in a way that would make Grandma and Grandpa proud.

Here are just some of the old-school traditions to bring back, or introduce to your family to, for a holiday every generation will appreciate.

1. Drop Cards In The Mail

Forget emails and printed holiday cards. In the world of social media, a good handwritten card is the best way to connect to friends and family members. Country Living says remember to keep it positive!

2. Attend Religious Services

Should your family be religiously inclined, the services at Christmas are like no other. While it’s easy to forget about them during the busy holidays, Parenting.com says attending religious services as a family is a tradition the family can enjoy year after year—and Grandma and Grandpa will likely want to tag along.

3. Down A Little Holiday Cheer

The festive season gets even more cheerful with some adult beverages. Pop Sugar says there’s no need to concoct fancy holiday cocktails—stick to the traditional. Here are solid egg nog and mulled cider recipes.

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4. Suit Up

Men in suits and women in dresses—that’s what we see in old photographs. Too much of the year is spent in casual clothes. Dress up to really make the occasion feel special. Bonus: Your family photos will turn out that much better.

5. Retro Decorations

Instead of spending hundreds on new Christmas décor, use what you have (like your grandparents did). That’s right, LearnVest says to only use ornaments you have from your past, make some popcorn garland and have the kids make some handmade ornaments.

6. Keep Gifting Simple

Try a one-gift-per-person rule. This isn’t about being frugal but it is about making gift-giving that much more special. Trying to stick to a tight budget this year? Pay for all of your gifts in cash. This helps keep you out of debt and helps you stick to a budget.

7. Don’t Forget Rudolph!

Grandma and Grandma would be ashamed if you let your kids go to bed without leaving carrots for the reindeer (and milk and cookies for Santa, of course).

8. Do It By Hand

Bake Grandma’s famous Christmas cookies from scratch, and even package them to give as presents. Gifts are more personal when they’re handmade. Baked goods, homemade packaged seasonings and themed gift baskets are just some ideas.

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What Grandma and Grandpa would appreciate the most is celebrating the holidays together—so no matter how you go back in time this season, make it the most wonderful time of the year with those you love.

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