8-year-old girl had birthday party at Target and the photos are amazing

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Target has more than its fair share of admirers. In fact, some people’s love for the retail store runs deep. There are die-hard Target Moms, of course. And then there are their kids, who often spend so much time shopping with mom at Target that they develop their own love for the store.

We’ve previously shared the story of one child who had a Target-themed birthday party at home. But apparently, there’s a little girl who is so Target-obsessed, she actually had her birthday party at her local Target store!

Instead of opting for one of those popular roller skating or bounce house parties, Brayden Lawrence recently celebrated her eighth birthday at the Target store in East Point, Georgia.

According to Lawrence’s aunt, Rikki Jackson, Lawrence has loved Target for a long time. Jackson told PopSugar that her niece routinely asked to go to Target just so she could walk up and down the aisles. So it made sense that she would want to celebrate her special day at her favorite spot.

Jackson shared some photos of the birthday party on Twitter and fellow Target lovers went crazy!

The store’s manager, Albert, went out of his way to make the day special for the birthday girl and her friends. Each of the guests was given their own red shirts and walkie talkies, just like real Target employees. To add to the authenticity, Albert also gave each guest Target name tags.

There was also a special Target scavenger hunt that had guests running around the store, and each child was also given their own gift card so they could pick out something special for themselves. And once they did? The birthday girl was given the chance to be a cashier so she could check her friends out.

Everyone also enjoyed a Target-themed birthday cake and some cold, refreshing Icees.

Quite a few people found inspiration from Lawrence’s terrific Target party. Some, like Twitter user That’s So Rave, thought the little girl should be swooped up by Target as its next spokesperson:

Others, like Twitter user lemon drop, wondered if this kind of party had to be just for kids:

Happy belated birthday to you, Lawrence! It looks like you and your friends hit the bullseye with this rocking party!

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