This 8-year-old made a detailed agenda for a sleepover—and it couldn’t be cuter


Planning a party is a very serious task—no matter how old you are. Sure, this 8-year-old boy didn’t have to worry about making hors d’oeuvres or booking a venue. Nevertheless, he had a tough job ahead of him, and he proved himself to be more than up to the challenge.

This little boy made a “sleepover agenda” and, thankfully for us, his mom found it and his sibling posted it online. So now we can all enjoy just what an adorable little host he was.

First of all, let me just say that this is definitely the kind of party any person would be lucky to attend. He had every last detail planned out, from the moment the guests arrived through to breakfast the next morning. Included on the agenda were hot dogs for dinner, angel food cake for dessert and a movie intermission to jump in the hot tub. No kidding. This 8-year-old knew what he was doing!

Take a look at the list of plans he organized for the evening:


According to Mashable, this note was made when Redditor favorite_hoodie’s brother was just 8 years old. Though the note’s creator is now 21, the handwritten plan was recently unearthed. It’s been a long time since the party took place, but Redditor favorite_hoodie was kind enough to answer the one thing we were all wondering: How did the party go? According to a reply left on Reddit, the party “all went according to plan.” Of course it did!

The sibling also let Redditors know that the brother who penned the agenda is the youngest of five—so it makes sense that he’d be used to corralling a large group of kids. His brothers and sisters must have given him plenty of practice!

Redditor favorite_hoodie wrote, “He’s the most adorable, and absolutely hilarious. Youngest of 5, he knows how to hold his own in the family!”

This isn’t the first time an adorable note containing big intentions has been found. A teacher actually found a note in her fourth grade classroom that had quite the powerful message:

“Do you want to join a club for female empowerment,” the note read. “We are the leaders.”

Clearly, the female students who wrote this note had big plans ahead, as did the boy who planned the sleepover. Whether the dreams are big or small, they’re all totally within reach if you’ve got a plan—and these kids get it. With organizational abilities like these, there’s no doubt they’re destined for greatness.

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