Justin Timberlake Publicly Professed His Love For His 88-Year-Old Fan

Bette Maloney is an 88-year-old grandmother from Orlando, Florida, known as “Nammie” to her grandkids. On May 14, Nammie got the opportunity of a lifetime when she met pop star Justin Timberlake. Maloney is a big fan of the singer, and as an Easter gift this year, her granddaughters surprised her with tickets to Timberlake’s show at the Amway Center.

Maloney was so excited, her adorable reaction went viral and even caught the attention of Timberlake himself, which led to another big surprise on the night of the concert: Maloney and her family were invited backstage to meet the star before his performance.


Maloney was overjoyed with the experience and asked if Timberlake’s wife, Jessica Biel, would mind if she kissed him on the cheek. When Timberlake said it would be OK, Maloney asked the entertainer to return the favor, and he, of course, obliged.

“She was so excited,” Beth Watson, Nammie’s daughter, told NBC’s “Today.” “She did have a few things to say planned, and she brought Justin’s son (Silas) a gift (a custom T-shirt) to give to him.”

Maloney got to spend about 10 minutes with Timberlake, and he posed for pictures with her and her family before they took their seats for the show. Maloney’s granddaughter, Sarah Watson, posted the photos to Instagram and called Timberlake a “class act” for his generosity.

Maloney’s special treatment didn’t end there, however. When Timberlake took the stage, he gave his superfan a shout-out, the video of which was also posted to Instagram:


“I want to give a special shout-out,” Timberlake said to the cheering crowd. “There is a pretty little lady that ended up on the news here by the name of Nammie. She is 88 and I met her earlier tonight. Where is she? Wherever you are in the audience tonight, thank you. I love you!”

How sweet!

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