9 Back-To-School Apps You Need This School Year

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It’s time for students to be heading back to school, which means it’s time to get organized. Don’t let an endless amount of homework, tests, and activities get lost in the clutter.

Turn to your smart phone instead. There are tons of apps out there that are perfect for busy moms and even busier students.

Keep your school-centered activities in line this fall with 9 of these amazing back-to-school apps:

1. MyHomework

This digital planner app helps you track your classes, homework assignments, and any upcoming projects. It’s the perfect all-in-one planner that helps you to never miss an assignment again! The cost: There are free versions (with ads) as well as a Premium version (no ads) with enhanced features for $4.99.

Available for AppleAndroid, and Windows products. You can also get it on the Amazon app store for kindle fire

2. La La Lunchbox

Wondering how to effectively pack a healthy lunch? La La Lunchbox is an amazing app that helps you plan out daily lunches for your kids. It’s a great way to let your kids get involved with packing their lunch, and also ensuring that they get their daily nutrition. The cost: FREE.

Available for Apple products.

3. Cozi Family Organizer

Tired of losing track of all of your family’s endless appointments and practices? Use this handy online planner.

Cozi Family Organizer allows your to input all of your family’s schedules, so that you never miss an appointment again. You can even create shopping and to-do lists right in the app. Keeping your family on schedule has never been easier. The cost: FREE.

Available for Apple, Windows and Android products. You can also get it on the Amazon app store.

4. Notability

This app essentially eliminates the need for a pen and paper. Through this handy app, you can sketch ideas, record lectures, share notes, and write seamlessly. It’s great for teachers and students who want more of an electronic experience in the classroom. The cost is $5.99.

Available for Apple products.

5. Flashcards + by Chegg

Create flashcards digitally by using Flashcards + by Chegg. This top-rated app helps you build decks of flashcards in seconds, and share your cards with your friends. No more manually writing your flashcards. This allows you to study on-the-go without having to bring along clunky paper cards. It’s great for those who want to simplify their studying habits. The cost: FREE.

Available for Apple and Android products.

6. Duolingo

Are you or your child having trouble learning a foreign language? Make the experience fun again by downloading Duolingo. This free app uses games and other fun techniques in order to teach the user a specific language. It’s great for those who want to study a new language outside of the classroom. The cost: FREE.

Available for Apple, Android, and Windows products.

7. Grammar Up

Want to polish your grammar skills? Grammar Up uses multiple choice quizzes to teach you all about grammar for the English language. No longer do you have to worry about comma placement. The cost: $4.99.

Available for Apple, Android and Blackberry products.

8. Khan Academy

Looking to learn on your own schedule? Turn to Khan Academy. This app provides several free courses that let your delve deeper into your studies. It’s great for students who need a little extra help outside of the classroom. The cost: FREE.

Available for Apple and Android products.

9. Simplemind

Need a place to store all of your ideas? Simplemind is an app that tracks your brain patterns, categorizes, and stores your ideas. It’s great for budding geniuses who want to visualize their thoughts, and turn their studies into reality. The cost: Packages range from $27.00-$85.00.

Available for Apple, Android, and MacWindows products.

Photo by GoodNCrazy