9 Genius Backyard Play Areas That Will Keep Kids Active For Hours

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It may be the dead of winter, but if you have kids, you’re all probably getting a little stir crazy and dreaming of warmer days when you can get outside and find a whole lot more to do.

While depending on where you live it may still be too cold to spend much time playing or working in your backyard, now’s the time to start planning any projects you might want to accomplish in the spring to have your yard ready for action once the temperature starts to rise.

Do you find yourself wishing you had a better play space for your kids outside? Well we found nine awesome backyard play areas that will have your kids begging to get out there to play (and off their devices). Even better, these are all budget-friendly projects you can do as a family.

1. Create The Ultimate Sandbox

Using a location in your backyard that’s near a sidewalk or concrete, adding sand can turn an area of your yard into the ultimate sandbox. Add boards, sand tools and toy construction equipment and keep your little ones entertained for hours.

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2. Assemble A Racetrack

This little racetrack costs almost nothing and is sure to pay off within hours of being set up. Using inexpensive square and rectangular pavers, some sidewalk chalk and those matchbox cars you’re always stepping on inside, you can create the perfect little outdoor track.

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3. Build A Small Town

Using inexpensive materials such as scrap lumber, wood and rocks, there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating a quaint little town within your backyard garden.

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4. Arrange An Obstacle Course

You’d be surprised what you can use to create the perfect obstacle course. Tree branches, unused tires, logs and rope are just some of the many things you can line up to help your kids get active and foster a little friendly competition.

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5. Make An Outdoor ‘Kitchen Area’

Kids love to pretend to cook and serve food, so why not take that idea to the next level with an outdoor eating area, complete with a table, stools and everything you need to have the perfect pretend (or real!) meal outside.

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6. Make A DIY Permanent Racetrack

Build your kids the racetrack of their dreams that is sure to offer hours of entertainment. This project is a little more involved than the other racetrack on this list, but with this simple step-by-step, anyone can do it. If your child is a little older, think about how they can help you “design” the track so they really feel like they were part of the building process.

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7. Use Pool Noodles Outside Of The Pool

You can have your kids racing cars for days with this simple pool noodle trick.

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8. Get Musical!

Go on a scavenger hunt to find various household items that can double as percussive instruments. Think about different metals, pots, pans and pieces of old instruments that would make interesting sounds when plucked or banged on. Attach them to a fence or some type of wall and let the kids start their own band!

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9. Make A Bike Water Ride

Using PVC pipe with holes drilled into it, a hose and some imagination, you can make your kids an exciting water wall they’ll want to ride their bikes through all summer long.

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