9 Capricorn Stereotypes That Are Actually True

Being that the Capricorn sign is for those born from December 22 to January 19, it makes sense that people having this sign would be extremely hard-workers.

Whether they’re born in December or January, you better believe capricorns are going to have a strong finish/beginning of every year because they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Capricorns are said to be responsible and extremely motivated. These stereotypes seem to be true of the sign. They want to move up in their careers and be the very best they can be, but they’re not willing to cut corners to get to the top.

They’re going to take the necessary steps to achieve their goals, and you’ve got to admire that quality about them.

If you’re an employer looking to hire a Capricorn, you’re better go ahead and do it because they may be the best employee you could ever have. Here’s the qualities about them:

1. Responsible

If a capricorn tells you they’re going to do something, you better believe they’ll do it. They have a plan for themselves and are determined, so they would never accept a task they couldn’t handle. So, trust them to get the job done.


2. Determined

Those born between December 22- January 19 are constantly looking to better themselves, and their determined to do whatever it takes to help them reach their goals.


3. Reserved

Not only are they successful, they’re also cool under pressure. If you need someone who can keep to themselves and not overreact in a stressful situation, look no further than a Capricorn.


4. Resourceful

Being that they’re willing to go the distance to reach their achievements, it’s a good thing that they’re also clever enough to make their dreams come true, huh?


5. Motivated By Successes

The Capricorn sign is often associated with goats, which makes sense. They’re motivated by success and always reaching for the highest point – like a goat climbing towards a mountain top.


6. Organized

These hard-workers are also very organized – because how do you expect to be successful if you can’t keep your things in order?


7. Competitive

Naturally, Capricorns have a competitive nature because they want to be the best. They don’t go overboard, however, which is a good thing. A little competition never hurt anyone.


8. Practical

While capricorns want to win, they are practical about the things they can achieve. All of their goals relate to their everyday lives rather than focusing on lofty goals that are harder to meet.


9. Always Play Fair

Because they aren’t willing to cut corners, Capricorns always play fair and square. If they win, you know they did it the right way. A win always means more that way, anyways.


If you know a Capricorn, I’m fairly sure you’ll find that these stereotypes are actually true. And to all of you Capricorns out there, here’s to a productive 2016 because I know you’re already hard at work to make this the best year ever.