9 Clever Space-Saving Storage Solutions That You’ll Want In Your Home

Maybe you live in a tiny house, or just need fresh ideas to take advantage of unused space.  Check out these clever space-saving storage solutions and cut the clutter, or at least hide it really well.

1. Wrap It Up

Wrapping paper is difficult to store — mine usually ends up shoved in the back of a closet or pantry.  Come gift-time, it is too wrinkled and ripped to use and ends up lining my recycle bin.  This simple trick puts wrapping paper on your ceiling, and out of the way.

2. Brooms Between The Studs

There is storage hiding behind your walls. Find an interior wall, and use the space between studs to create a broom closet. The Craftery has tips.

broom closet
The Craftery

3. Recessed Pantry

Borrow space from a closet or garage to create a pantry. Make the space work for you — stow your microwave, use adjustable shelves, and hide those Girl Scout cookies with sliding doors.

4. Fold-Down Changing Table

Babies require a lot of stuff, and while a changing table isn’t necessarily required it does make it easier to deal with messy diapers. Create a hidden diaper station complete with changing pad and storage — apply the butt cream, close it up and pretend it never happened.

5. Built-In Dormer Storage

Built-in cabinets between dormers create storage from wasted space. Ideal for a playroom, this idea allows you to hide storage behind storage because the shelves swing out to reveal extra room.

6. Stow Under The Stairs

What could be better than a giant shoe drawer to store boots and sneakers right under your stairs?

7. Laundry Room Sliding Shelf

Squeeze out an extra bit of storage between your washer and dryer by creating a sliding shelf for detergent, dryer sheets and an iron. Beckwith’s Treasures has the details on this clever solution.

laundry shelf
Beckwith's Treasures

8. Toe-Kick Drawers

You could be keeping platters and cookie sheets at the tip of your toes. The Family Handyman has instructions on how to under the cabinet drawers and increase your kitchen storage.

Toe Kick Drawer
The Family Handyman

9. Wine In Your Walls

You don’t need a lot of space to carve out your own little wine cellar. Build it right into an empty nook in your kitchen, like next to the refrigerator.