These 9 Companies Pay For Their Employees’ Vacations

If you’re like most Americans, you probably leave some of your paid vacation days on the table every year.

More than half of workers didn’t use some of their vacation time last year, according to a 2016 study by Project: Time Off, an initiative led by the U.S. Travel Association.

Some U.S. companies are trying to change that by offering to pay for employees’ vacations. You read that right—these companies will not only pay you to take time off, but they’ll pay for your trip, too!

The leaders of these businesses want their employees to truly recharge so they can be more productive at the office, so they set aside some money to offer this unique perk.

Here are nine companies that will pay for your vacation:

1. Airbnb

Employees at Airbnb, the peer-to-peer vacation rental company based in San Francisco, get $2,000 per year to use at any Airbnb site around the world.

Business Insider reports that the company gives workers a travel coupon each quarter. Each voucher expires at the end of the quarter, which encourages employees to relax and recharge more often. The program is intended to help employees connect with the people using Airbnb.

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2. thinkParallax

California-based creative agency thinkParallax gives employees $1,500 to go on vacation each year. The PARALLAXploration program, which the company piloted two years ago, sends employees all over the world—in 2015, destinations ranged from Seattle to Tokyo.

The company asks employees to spend at least one day of their vacation volunteering with the local community. This year, employees blogged about a company-wide trip to Mexico City.

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3. The Motley Fool

Multimedia financial services firm The Motley Fool will send you on a spontaneous two-week vacation—and give you $1,500 for your trip.

The company, based in Alexandria, Virginia, chooses one employee each month to send on a spontaneous trip by drawing a name out of a hat. Your name goes into the hat the same number of years you’ve been working at the company—the longer you stay, the better your chances of being sent on vacation. The best part? If you’re chosen, you’re not allowed to have any contact with the company on your trip.

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4. FullContact

Content management company FullContact gives all employees an annual $7,500 stipend for vacation. The only requirement? Employees cannot work while they’re on the trip, according to CEO Bart Lorang.

“It’s super important for people to disconnect,” Lorang wrote on the company’s blog announcing the new Paid Paid Vacation perk in 2012. “We don’t want employees reading email. We don’t want them calling or checking in—we might even disable their work email accounts, but we’ll see. We just want our people to disconnect and have a great vacation.”

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A paid vacation where you are required to not work? Sounds too good to be true! Check out the current career opportunities at FullContract here.

5. G Adventures

As the name suggests, tour group G Adventures is committed to travel and exploration. The company offers employees who have worked there a full year a chance to travel around the world on one of its 700 tours. Employees can spend eight days in the arctic waters near Norway on the “Realm of the Polar Bear” tour or 12 days trekking through Egypt—the company organizes an array of tours across the globe.

These familiarization trips are intended to help employees learn more about what the company is offering. If the employee has enough vacation days, the company will pay up to $3,000 for tours and $750 for flights.

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6. SteelHouse

SteelHouse, a marketing and advertising company based in Culver City, California, gives employees $2,000 a year for vacations. The company reimburses employees after they book their trips or lets them use the company credit card.

The company also offers employees unlimited vacation, so you’ll actually have time to spend that $2,000. CEO Mark Douglas told Business Insider that the vacation policy, implemented in 2011, has basically eliminated employee turnover.

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7. SendGrid

Cloud-based email delivery company SendGrid, which is headquartered in sunny Boulder, Colorado, takes the entire office on yearly retreats to places such as Cabo San Lucas and Puerta Vallarta.

Though employees spend some of their time on team-building exercises, there’s also plenty of free time.

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8. Moz

Modeled after FullContact’s vacation program, marketing analytics company Moz offers its workers $3,000 toward vacation expenses. That’s in addition to 21 days of paid vacation.

“If you don’t take a vacation, the opportunity disappears,” co-founder Rand Fishkin wrote in a 2012 blog post announcing the new policy. “Hence, it’s in all of our employees’ great interest to take time to do what they love with friends, family, whomever (we’ll pay their vacation expenses too so long as you go with them) and disconnect for a few days, or a few weeks.”

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9. AFAR Media

AFAR Media, which has offices in San Francisco and New York, offers all full-time employees a $2,000 travel stipend and at least 30 days of paid vacation. The travel company wants employees to recharge and “uncover new ways to think about others and ourselves,” according to a blog post written by CEO and co-founder Greg Sullivan in 2015.

“The purpose of time off is to take a break from your workday routine. To allow yourself to think about other things. To recharge. And travel does this better than anything else,” Sullivan wrote.

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