9 Dusting Tips To Make Cleaning A Breeze

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Dusting. Sometimes it feels like a never-ending job. These dusting tips go beyond the obvious Endust and Swiffer to deliver truly sparkling results without too much effort.

Make your life easier the next time you tackle pesky, hard-to-reach dust with these nine tricks.

1. Clean Your Blinds With Tongs

One Crazy House

Once upon a time I was so distraught over the dust level on my mini blinds that I decided it was easier to throw them away and pay the $5 for a new set rather than clean them. Don’t be me. This trick from One Crazy House can make cleaning blinds a snap. All you need is a set of tongs, two microfiber towels and four rubber bands.

2. Remove Dust From Small Vents

The Krazy Coupon Lady

A cheap foam paint brush is the perfect tool to get into those teeny tiny spaces.

3. Use A Lint Roller To Clean Lampshades

Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry

This trick is so simple and can make a huge difference. Remember when your lampshades were white? Get rid of the grey dust with a few swipes of a lint roller. Voila!

4. Re-Use Old Dryer Sheets

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Dust will cling to old dryer sheets making them a perfect tool for cleaning electronics. Just be sure to use one that has already gone through the laundry cycle. A new one will leave behind a sticky residue, leaving you with more of a mess.

5. Dust With Pantyhose

Pantyhose cleaning
Clean & Proper

Cut old pantyhose or tights off at the thigh, and slip the hose onto your hand or even the end of a broom. The fibers are anti-static and will attract dust as well as any microfiber cloth.

6. Starch To Prevent Dusty Clothes

Stiffen Up Laundry Starch

Add a little starch to your laundry to create a shield against dust. Bonus, adding starch to clothes simplifies ironing too! This trick works great on linens and tablecloths that easily attract dust.

7. Use Coffee Filters To Clean Your Car

The Krazy Coupon Lady

In our house the Keurig has made our big ol’ coffee pot an antique relic, leaving me with a stack of unused coffee filters. This hack by The Krazy Coupon Lady has given them new life. Coffee filters are the perfect lint-free tool for wiping down your car’s dashboard.

8. Clean Your Broom

broom photo
Photo by baronsgirl10

Ever notice the bottom of your broom?  It’s probably one of the dustiest spots in your house. It is important to give your brooms a good cleaning from time to time, too, to ensure the next time you sweep you’re starting from a clean slate.

9. Use a Doormat

doormat photo
Photo by Wicker Paradise

This may seem too simple, but placing a doormat at every entrance to your home helps stop dirt before it becomes a problem. Leave the dust outside and save yourself some time.





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