9 Easy Pallet Projects That Won’t Break the Bank

You’ve probably heard that pallets are a budget-friendly way to decorate your home. Maybe you’ve even collected a few (I had five in my garage at last count) in hopes of completing a Pinterest-worthy project.

Still confused about what you can actually make with a pallet? Well, look no further. We’ve got nine cool—and totally doable—ideas for you.

1. Pallet Flower Box

Flip the pallet around to turn it into shabby chic flower boxes. This upright planter is an adorable addition to any garden.

The Micro Gardener


2. Coffee Table

You are going to need more than just sandpaper and paint for this one—but not too much more. The extra effort is worth it. Not only does the table look amazing, but it easily moves out of the way to give you some extra space when needed.

pallet coffee table
Place of My Taste


3. Wall Decor

Pallets can be transformed into amazing personalized wall hangings. One of the most popular I have seen is the rustic American flag, but you could also paint it and add your favorite quote to add some inspiration to your home decor. Pallets are ideal for these projects because they can be made to fit any space.

The Garden Glove


4. Basic Bench

What’s fabulous about benches is that if you screw something up, you can always hide it with a pillow. Typically, that’s what everyone notices first anyway. There could be nail holes in the wood or random printed letters on the side, but as long as the pillows look great, no one will ever notice.

Wooden Pallet Furniture


5. Book Shelf

It’s simple, rustic and it can be painted to suit any home decor. What’s not to love about a pallet book shelf?

pallet book shelf
Made with Love that Can be Felt


6. Entry Table

This table makes a lovely first impression in the entryway, but it’s sure to get noticed no matter where it is placed.

Pallet Furniture DIY


7. Hook Board

With a few hooks, your pallet can give you some extra cabinet or closet space. Use the hooks to hang coffee mugs, as shown below, or use it for scarves, purses, belts—you name it!

pallet hook board
Craft Project Ideas


8.Wine Rack

This rustic rack will get all of your bottles and glasses organized. And with the right tools, this cool project will only take about an hour-and-a-half to complete.

pallet wine rack


9. Outdoor Bar

Thanks to its sleek design, this outdoor bar won’t consume your space. It will, however, give you back some room on your outdoor dining table.

pallet bar
1001 Pallets


When your pallet project is complete, make sure you share it with us on Facebook so we can all “oooh” and “ahhh” over your success.