9 Fun Ways To Creatively Repurpose Your Old Jeans

Do you have a few pairs of jeans you used to love, but never wear anymore? They take up valuable space in your drawers or closet. However, you hate the thought of throwing them away. With a little creativity and a few supplies, you can repurpose jeans into something new!

Here are 9 fun ways to repurpose jeans that will transform your once-favorite denim into a something spectacular!

1. Repurpose Jeans Into A Wreath

All you need to make this chic wreath is a couple of pairs of jeans (cut up to about 10 yards of material), a pair of scissors and a wire wreath form. Bethany from A Fish Who Likes Flowers decided to dress up the denim wreath with a couple of bandana flowers. This would look fabulous as a summer and fall decoration for your home!

repurpose jeans
A Fish Who Likes Flowers

2. Use A Beach Pen Add Some Flair

Sometimes a pair of jeans simply needs to be jazzed up a little. A basic bleach pen can make those old jeans into something new! Goldfish Kiss’ Rebekah gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to make this pair of tropical jeans. You only need three items, so this is an easy no-sew project.

Goldfish Kiss

3. Design A Denim Purse

Michelle of Mich L. in L.A. swears this adorable little purse can be made in just five minutes! All she used was a pair of repurposed jeans, a pair of scissors and some fabric cord to make the purse. The best part? No sewing required! Michelle did decide to embellish it a little after she finished the bag, as you can see in the picture. However, that was a simple process, too. The easy directions are on her blog.

jeans purse
Mich L. in L.A.

4. Bring On Some Denim Bracelets

These casual bracelets created by Brenda on Dragonflys and Stars would look perfect as a cool accessory for a night on the town. Even beginner sewers can make these bracelets. You only need to do a few basic stitches. The best part of these bracelets? You can bling them up however you like.

jeans bracelets
Dragonflys and Stars

5. Create A Comfy Jeans Pillow

This pillow does require some sewing. However, the steps are easy to follow and the results are fabulous. The jeans act as the base of the design, but you get to choose the coordinating fabric to round out the finished product. Get the step-by-step directions at Threading My Way.

jeans pillow
Threading My Way

6. Weave A Denim Basket

Recycle those old jeans into a useful woven basket for the home. Oh Oh Blog shares a simple project to make this fabulous basket. The directions call for using a sewing machine. However, you could also hand stitch the denim strips together. Or, you could use fabric glue to attach them.

jeans basket
Oh Oh Blog

7. “Tattoo” Your Jeans Or Denim

This brilliant idea encourages you to draw on your clothes! Forget what mom ever told you. This project from Second Chances by Susan is simple and so cool! You won’t believe the difference you can make with a Sharpie marker and some clear school glue. The designer took this a step further by dyeing a white jacket blue. But, you don’t have to do that.

jeans tattoo
Second Chances by Susan

8. Brilliant-Colored Denim Beads

A perfect craft for kids and tweens! Pick up acrylic paint in a variety of colors. Then, with a little cutting, painting and gluing, you’ve got beads to create some fun and funky jewelry. Head over to Crafts by Amanda to get the simple directions. You’ll be making beads in no time.

Crafts By Amanda

9. Tie Up A Denim Rug

AllFreeCrafts.com has this denim rug that uses up scraps of denim. According to the blog, the rug pictured below used two jumpers, one dress, a pair of denim pants, a skirt and a work shirt. Of course, that could change depending on the size of the rug. This project is not difficult, but it takes a while.

jeans rug