9 ‘Healthy’ Foods That Are Actually Bad For You

The world of dieting can be a tricky one. With new trends popping up all of the time, how is anyone supposed to know what food is good for them? There are tons of food and beverages out there that we all seem to think are “healthy” when in actuality, they are loaded with unhealthy ingredients. Who needs that in their life? It’s crazy to think that the so-called diet food we are ingesting could actually have negative effects on our health.

Well, click out of the trendy dieting blogs, and listen up. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated! You just need to look at the nutrition labels on the food and beverages that you’re taking in. Choose things that fit your needs for healthy living. If you’re avoiding things high in fat, avoid processed foods. Things you want to look for on a nutrition label are things that are not just low in sugar, but low in sodium as well. Don’t focus your energy on counting calories. Focus on eating natural, organic foods instead. The effects will show for themselves. Wondering what “healthy” food may actually be bad for you? Here are a few foods and beverages that may trick you into thinking they are healthy for you.

1. Fruit Juice


Think all fruit juices come from fruit? Wrong! There are a lot of fruit juices out there with barely any fruit in them. Make sure to thoroughly read the label when shopping for fruit juices, or else you might just end up drinking a lot of sugar.

2. Sports Drinks


The purpose of sports drinks is to refuel your body post-workout. This doesn’t mean that sports drinks are actually improving your health. Sport drinks are loaded with electrolytes (salt) and sugar. This makes the body feel better temporarily after a workout. However, not everyone needs excess salt in their body. To stay hydrated and not full of salt, stick to water.

3. Protein Bars

Look at the label. How many calories are actually in the protein bar that you’re eating? Take a closer look. How much sugar is in there as well? You don’t want to reach for a snack that is just as bad for you as it is good. There just doesn’t seem to be any point.

4. Dried Fruit

While dried fruit does contain vitamins and minerals, companies can also add in harmful products such as sulfur and sugar. Why take in any unnecessary additives? Just stick with fresh fruit instead.

5. Trail Mix

Salty nuts, dried fruit, and candy are mixed into this ‘healthy’ snack. This is great for when you need the extra energy to burn, however it’s not great for day-to-day snacking. Try unsalted nuts or regular fresh fruit instead.

6. Flavored Yogurt

Get ready for a shock — flavored yogurt is full of sugar. About 30 grams of sugar depending on the brand. While you may think that yogurt is a great diet food, think again. Reach for plain, fat-free yogurt instead. Opt in your own honey or berries in order to pack the yogurt full of flavor.

7. Frozen Yogurt

While frozen yogurt seems harmless, the calories can definitely add up. On average, a 16-oz cup of plain frozen yogurt contains 380 calories and 76 grams of sugar. That’s before you even add on toppings. Even though you may be wanting a quick frozen treat, opt for frozen fruit to meet your sweet tooth needs.

8. Sushi Rolls

Think about it. Many American-made sushi rolls are packed with things such as mayo, cream cheese, and seafood substitutes. While it may seem like a yummy diet-approved option, reach for sashimi instead in order to avoid any fatty add-ons.

9. Pretzels

One of the worst things about pretzels is their salt content. The tops are completely covered in the stuff. While pretzels are low in fat, avoid the snack if you are looking to cut out foods with high sodium content.



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